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    Domain Hoarder Sells "CPUCooler Dot Com" and Related Domain Names

    I bought one once, genuinely intending to start up a fansite of a game I played, but ended up couldn't be bothered doing all the programming. I ended up selling it to the publisher for 1,000 euros :p
  2. Roph

    Forza Horizon 4 Demo Out, Initial Benchmarks Reveal a More Demanding Racer

    I just can't trust them. I'm sure it's going to not be so much a racing game as a DLC / microtransaction template that also lets you drive cars.
  3. Roph

    Pay $160 for the AREZ Sticker: The Mess GPP Landed AIC Partners and Consumers in

    GPP created somewhat of a prisoner's dilemma for AIBs; it was in all their best interests to collectively not join it, but they couldn't risk themselves not joining while another AIB might and thus get an advantage over them.
  4. Roph

    Philips Releases the 278E9 Monitor: 27" VA Panel, 1080p, 1800R, FreeSync

    Very happy 27" 1080p user here, I specifically wanted 27" 1080p over 24" or god forbid 21.5".
  5. Roph

    ASRock Launches the X470 Fatal1ty Gaming ITX/ac Motherboard

    Does nobody else cringe at the "fatal1ty" stuff? Also, anemic rear I/O. My budget board has more USB.
  6. Roph

    Cyrus Audio Announces the soundKey PC Gamer Edition Gaming Headphone DAC

    "Hey, please pay us £100 for this £0.15 texas instruments DAC we put on a USB powered board and wired a headphone jack to. OK?"
  7. Roph

    ROCCAT Releases the Khan AIMO 7.1 Headset

    Roccat, so it will break in a month or two :)
  8. Roph

    Backblaze Releases Hard Drive Stats for 2017, HGST Most Reliable

    Lol? Is the drive supposed to "know" that its owner is making money off its usage? "Consumer" and "commercial" are just buzzwords (along with "professional"), free tickets to charge more money for the same thing. Because seagate is (almost always) cheaper than the competition. Even with...
  9. Roph

    Sapphire Intros Pulse Radeon RX 560 LITE Series Graphics Cards

    So just a 460 then.
  10. Roph

    Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition Release Date, Final System Specs Detailed

    So much gameworks trash :shadedshu:
  11. Roph

    ROCCAT Delivers Entire Gaming Station Worth of Products at CES 2018

    Roccat, so I'd expect it to break in a few months. Never again.
  12. Roph

    ADAM Elements Launches Their iKlips II USB 3.1 Lightning Flash Drive

    Why does TPU post news about flash drives?
  13. Roph

    Elgato 4K60 Pro Capture Card Lets You Record 4K Footage at 60 FPS Flawlessly

    Lol? Ridiculous price. You can buy an RX 550 that encodes 4K in h265 and h264, simultaneously. £350 for an HDMI input, eh?
  14. Roph

    Razer Phone Unveiled, First Smartphone with 120 Hz Display

    $250? You can get $60 devices with fingerprint scanners, it's not an expensive tech to include at all. My $150 daily driver has one.
  15. Roph

    Razer Phone Unveiled, First Smartphone with 120 Hz Display

    120hz phones have been around for a while already in Japan. This isn't the first by a long shot. And it's also missing the headphone jack, so it can get lost.