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  1. Rowsol

    ASUS GeForce RTX 3070 Noctua OC

    23 DBa is inaudible. Amazing really.
  2. Rowsol

    Fractal Design Torrent Black RGB TG Light Tint

    Great design. In an ideal world, the fans wouldn't have any lights and the case would be 50 dollars cheaper. It's surprising to see the Montech x3 beat this one in GPU cooling even though this has 3 140's blowing up into the card.
  3. Rowsol

    Montech X3 Mesh

    You get a lot for your money. Chart topping temps. The idle noise is a shame though. Is there any easy way to slow them down?
  4. Rowsol

    be quiet! Dark Rock TF 2

    It gets beaten by their own dark rock slim and the much cheaper 224. What a fail. I guess being top down it helps motherboard temps though, so there's that. I don't hate the cooler but the price is too damn high.
  5. Rowsol

    Etymotic EVO Multi-Driver Earphones

    These companies must be making a killing on these things. I bought a pair of IEMs for 15 bucks and I think they sound pretty good. I would never pay more than 50 for something like this.
  6. Rowsol

    Alphacool Introduces NexXxoS Nova 1080 mm Fan Box and Nova 1080 9x120 mm Fan Shroud

    Might as well get a box fan at that point.
  7. Rowsol

    Philips Announces Two Lightweight Gaming Headsets

    They are wasting production on these when they could be making more SHP9500s.
  8. Rowsol

    G.Skill Z5i

    200 dollars to cook your components. What a deal.
  9. Rowsol

    FSP Dagger Pro 850W

    PSUs seem to be in a low for prices. I bought a g3 for 40 bucks new from amazon a few weeks ago. I can't imagine spending over 200 on one.
  10. Rowsol

    Corsair iCUE H170i Elite Capellix

    Think big, money. It tops the charts for worst perf/$.
  11. Rowsol

    ASUS ROG Keris

    Nice con job forcing people to install their software.
  12. Rowsol

    AZZA Cast 808

    Look at those load temps. Well seeing as how the noise is also the lowest yet tested this seems like a non-issue.