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    Intel Achieves Gender Pay Equity Globally

    You already know the answer to that.
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    European Commission Fines Google in €2.42 billion for Antitrust Violations

    The butthurt is real. Yes, yes, it's all just a giant cash grab by the EU. Of course. Just because corporations are above the law in the US doesn't mean that the same is true in the EU.
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    AMD "Zen" Processor Integrated Chipset Has USB 3.1 Issues, Could Escalate Costs

    Mindlessly regurgitating FUD from a biased source with no proof whatsoever? Really TPU? Never thought I'd see you stoop so low. FYI, this is not an AMD "issue", it's an USB "issue", but why let the truth get in the way of a good AMD bashing, eh? At the end they even admit that it's a rumor...
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    XFX Also Readies its Radeon R9 Fury Air-Cooled Graphics Card

    What then, pray tell, is the entire point of the R9 Fury?
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    Presenting The All New NextPowerUp

    No RSS feed? Or am I blind?
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    Specs Don't Matter: TechPowerUp Poll on GTX 970 Controversy

    Fanboysim is one hell of a drug. The cult of NVIDIA is almost as bad as the cult of Apple. And they call themselves intelligent people....
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    Perfectly Functional GTX 970 Cards Being Returned Over Memory Controversy

    FTFY. I've never seen anyone 'eating' or 'chewing' NVIDIA fanboys around here.
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    Intel CEO Outlines Future of Computing

    Equality isn't really equal, I reckon. If you treat everyone the same, you either: lower the bar and hurt the superior, or you keep the bar where it is and hurt the inferior (not always a bad thing, mind you). Personally I'd prefer a society based on fairness, but that's something this world...
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    Intel CEO Outlines Future of Computing

    That settles it then. No more money to Intel.
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    GIGABYTE Launches BRIX Gaming Mini PC Barebone

    For its size, the specs are not terribly bad. EDIT: It only supports up to 1600MHz memory? Gigabyte you disappoint me. It's an APU for crying out loud, it needs the bandwidth of these babies
  11. rpsgc

    SilverStone Raven RVZ01 Pictured Some More

    Just because the pictures show a SFX power supply doesn't mean it doesn't support ATX.
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    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 780 Ti 3072 MB

    269W peak power consumption 260W maximum power consumption NVIDIA throttling cards in Furmark. Those values are pointless, why even bother? To make AMD look bad?
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    Samsung to Show Off 31.5-inch Ultra HD Monitor, 98-inch Video Wall at IFA

    So slap 3 monitors together in portrait and call it a "wall". Yeah, no.
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    MSI AG2712A Gaming All-in-One Desktop Launched

    Maybe you should actually read the article before commenting? "MSI firstly incorporated the new AMD Radeon HD 8970M discrete graphics card into the AG2712A (...)".