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    Newbie seeks Graphics Card advice

    4770 is better, but might cost you 40 bucks more ...depends. As for the power requirements, check on newegg.com for specs. what size is your monitor? 1280x1024 is good for 3850/3870's today...but a 4770 would take good care of you for a little while at that rez.
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    Newbie seeks Graphics Card advice

    Crossfire/X is paring two video cards togheter and running them as one. In theory, it doubles performance. usually, its 60-80% scaling. that 450 watt should be ok. Its the mininum for such a card. I'd look into a 4770 if i were you if they have similar power requirements.
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    Last Remnant PC Demo & Benchmark

    FYI: I've heard that there are two possible problems with the demo and ATI cards. I know, because I figured If I can play FEAR 2 Max w/o AA and Crysis fairly high up on the details, I can handle any UE3 game. Cept this. 1) Turn the shadow resolution down low. Apparently, this helped people...
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    Whats the value Of a X1800XTX Also a X1950XTX??

    X1800XTX probably 50 bucks. Maybe a little less. X1950XTX maybe 70. I'd value the 1900 a little higher than a 3650/8600GT/GTS. But thats about it. The 1800 probably a little higher than a 2600.
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    Fear 2 Demo Out

    1280x1024 Maxed out (8xAF, no AA) on my little ol' 256mb 3850 and my Lightly OC's x2 5200+ played very very well. My problem is that stuttering issue here and there, weather its autosave or my video card nearly overheating (didnt tun on fan control). Graphics look pretty good, lacking some...
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    Does AMD's new Phenom II get you all excited?

    I'm excited, but mostly because I'm itching to upgrade my current machine for "on the cheap" to a more 64 bit friendly setup. I'm planning to get 4 extra gigs of ram and a Phenom II or, if prices come down and Phenom II is out of reach, Just a Phenom. That should last me another 2 years on the...
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    Should i upgrade?

    I'd say to get more ram. Ram is super valuable for stuff like video editing and photo editing. Rendering will naturally be helped out too. What OS are you running? If its 64 bit, def get at least another 2 gigs. Hell, get 2 gigs anyway. For gaming, I dont know if getting a quad will help...
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    First build-Your advice please

    Screenshots look fine. I'm pretty sure that you're mobo does indeed do SLI at 2x16. If it supports triple, that's probably 3x8, but not sure. Good mobo and powersupply were what i'd suggest but you have that down. For OS, I'd go Vista 64 Ultimate. Take advantage of that 4 gigs of ram and...
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    Microsoft DirectX 11 Details Emerge

    Didn't think that those SP's were more comparable to x1K cards, or G80 basically. So it's a removal of ATI's defination of SP's. I see. So yea, its be kinda sorta like a 2900GT if you compared directly but I know that isn't possible. Thanks for making that point, thats my food for thought...
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    AMD 45nm Deneb Consumes up to 12% Less Power Compared to 65nm Agena

    I'm holding out for these processors. Not expecting them to do anything magical aginst intel's nahelem, MAYBE compete but more on a price/performace field. I just want a quad that isn't going to melt my 780G mobo and still has a decent clock speed (2.6+ hopefully)
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    Microsoft DirectX 11 Details Emerge

    Actually, the GPU on the xbox has the shader power (40) of a HD2400. I know, i was suprised too. I think its because the dev's develop specifically for the Xbox specs that allows games to look good. Tesselation and super special ram undobutably help too.
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    AMD Slates 40/45nm GPUs for Early-2009, RV870 on the Cards

    We'll see. I remember reading somewhere that ATI was going to head towards at Tick/Tock strategy similar to that of Intel. If that's the case, it will be more like HD2xxx to HD3xxx, some performance increase, smaller thermal envelope and less power draw.
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    Mobos hate me.

    Yea, didnt work. Thanks though!
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    Mobos hate me.

    battery overnight failed. taking the ram out...i might try that. i've done all the other power tricks that I could think of. Thanks everyone, looks like I'll probabably RMA-ing the board unless the ram idea works.
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    Mobos hate me.

    Alright, I'll try pulling the battery overnight. Hopefully that'll work.