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    Leaked 3DMark Time Spy Result shows Radeon RX 5700 XT matching GeForce RTX 2070

    Both Vega 64 and the 5700/5700XT have 64 ROPs
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    Steam Fanatics Review-bomb "Metro Exodus" on Metacritic

    What amazes me are thoughtless comments such as this one (and the others I guess). In the best case scenario that they only lose 10% of total sales due to not selling on steam, the dev's are STILL making less money by going through Epic Games (it all depends on how fat of a paycheck they got to...
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    Monster Hunter: World Benchmark Performance Analysis

    It all depends on what models were used. There are huge clock discrepancies between certain models on both core and memory between the 480 and 580; some there’s a 200mhz difference in core and even larger gap in memory clocks (800mhz+).
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    BIOSTAR Announces Racing X470GT8 Motherboard

    I was going to say they did a much nicer job making the board look alright compared to the x370 counterpart.... until I saw that :(