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    Tt eSports and TechPowerUp Bring You New Level 10 M Giveaway

    sweeeeet! :rockout: ... another great contest from my top tech site!
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    SILVERSTONE ST45SF-G 450W enough for my build?

    450 watt? for $100!!!.. that is not wise or cheap. (plus, Newegg user rating 3 out of 5 stars... very bad) right now you can get a 750 watt Corsair modular for $104 after $25 rebate: Corsair 750 watt modular PSU ** 5 star rating by over 700 users and i have personally used a few of these...
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    Which cable for 1920x1080 120hz?

    yes, build quality DOES make a difference... for standard dvd or net surfing you can use standard or cheap cables. BUT... if you are running hardcore HD gaming or blu-ray then invest in high quality cables. i have a 120mhz 47inch screen running games 1920x1080 native... tried...
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    Is my PSU enough?

    three most likely causes: 1. cpu overheating (heatsink not flush or improper thermal paste application) 2. software/driver installation issue 3. memory issue. first, remove power, then open case and ensure ALL items are connected properly. memory, video card, cables. remove and reconnect if...
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    Cooler Master Scout 2 Camo Edition

    like the work... excellent camo paint! thanks for sharing!
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    Anyone can upgrade to Windows 8 Pro for $14.99.

    Important!!! Win 8 is fine... but is not problem free. not exactly user friendly for PC... definitely geared toward tablets/mobile. best item PC users can install: Classic Shell http://classicshell.sourceforge.net/ it's free, robust, and easy to use. * restores start menu...
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    Lucky 13 - NZXT Phantom featuring the new Primochill Compression Tube Res!

    never was a fan of that case... but you make it look fk'n amazing! lol nice work with colors and lighting... thanks for sharing ;)
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    SSD Alignment ok But bad Performance :(

    normal... your AS SSD numbers are normal for an OCZ Solid 3 Solid 3 spec sheet from OCZ: http://www.ocztechnology.com/res/manuals/OCZ_Solid3_Product_sheet.pdf a better benchmark for 'real world' performance is the ATTO Benchmark...
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    Steelseries siberia v2 white

    clean?... not advised. best option is 'return'. appears chemicals in the environment are damaging the cable coating... not easy to fix. IMPORTANT: even IF you can return/fix, you need to find source of chemical damage or your risk damaging cable again. if you must 'fix' the cable try bleach...
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    Crysis 3 single player interactive demo

    Crysis 1... brilliant work of technology and design :toast: Crysis 2... epic failure on every level... biggest pile of steaming shit EVER!:mad: Crysis 3... last chance at redemption. Fk this up the entire series is lost. :shadedshu so far looking good... better graphics, improved AI...
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    Computer will turn on but can't seem to go past post

    baby steps... does the motherboard have a video port (dvi/vga/hdmi) ? if so, remove video card and try to use onboard video. at this time it is best we wait till the machine is available to continue thread.
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    Computer will turn on but can't seem to go past post

    Kreij is correct... one step at a time... 1. what EXACTLY is happening? does it hang on post? blank screen? keeps rebooting? 2. IF it may have been GPU related earlier... can you remove GPU and use onboard video?
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    Editorial More People Use Desktop Speakers than Headsets for Gaming: TechPowerUp Poll Trend

    Headset FTW! Speakers are nice... and IF you can set up a room properly with surround the experience is impressive! however, a good 5.1 headset is priceless. Positional in-game audio is unbeatable. you WILL hear sound that your speaker friends cannot catch. This is a constant for me in...
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    We've lost

    lost? the only thing 'lost' is my "GD Mutha Fk'n dignity"... for watching that clip :shadedshu nothing against consoles... these days the console IS 'comparable' to a pc... 'comparable' as in mini-cooper to Hummer! personally prefer mouse/keyboard, better graphics, advanced menus, lots...
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    [WTB] Thermaltake Flare Board (gaming keypad)

    bump'n still need a Flare :cool: