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    I7 8750H big problem(I am an idiot)

    Ok. Just tell me when u are free to look at it. Also add me on discord.
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    I7 8750H big problem(I am an idiot)

    Yes it is but I over locked it. Isn't that gonna void my warranty? Overclocked*
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    I7 8750H big problem(I am an idiot)

    The idea is that the laptop is not working fine. There are a loot of frame drops and the average fps is games is somewhere about half. Yeah, I would be very happy if u could look over what I did or did not. Thanks And the other thing is that the processor is normally supposed to work between...
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    I7 8750H big problem(I am an idiot)

    So when I bought my Acer Gaming laptop I was very afraid of changing anything really. In the past time that changed a lot. I overclocked my 1060 and that went very well. But I am stupid and I don't know if I can swear here but I would do it because of how big of an idiot I am. I don't even know...
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    Triple Monitor thing

  6. SadisticWaifu

    Triple Monitor thing

    So I got an old 21.5 LG monitor and I don't actually don't anything to do with it. So is possible to connect a laptop to a Legion 24.5' monitor and then from the Legion to the LG monitor? I can't try this now because I would need second HDMI cable and I wouldn't want to buy it for nothing...
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    Gaming HeadSet selection

    I am at most a casual gamer and a music lover, and, after 5 years of use, my Genesis Natec H59 broke. They where good enough for me at the time but I decided to get something better, and this was a good reason. At last, I have to decide between 4 of them. In my country they are at the same...
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    Nvlink 2x2080 problem

    My friend has a problem with his build. As u can see he has 2 Asus Rog Strix RTX 2080 with an Nvlink. The load in games dosen't get divided between the cards and the down one is always working at full trottle. If U can help us, I would be really happy(;. Also the FPS he has are terrible. In...
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    The Crew 2 Fps Problem

    So I've recently bought The Crew 2 and it runs ok, on medium, but for some times there are some ugly fps drop's and I was wondering what graphics settings take the most performance out of the video card? I would rather get that setting to low or off if it means I'll get a constant 60 fps in...
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    Budget Gaming GPU

    I think you should just wait up so it will reappear. The re is no reason to rush in this type of a situation.
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    CPU, GPU and RAM benchmarking

    I've recently got into overclocking and I was wondering if U guys can give me some useful free CPU, GPU and RAM benchmarking software. The more , the better. 3DMark is the only thing I've used so far but the good part needs to be played for so it's a nono for me.
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    Laptop Cooling Pad

    So i have my DeepCool MultiCore x6 for a while and I was wondering if there is any way to make it run faster. If there is a way , I can go as far as strip it down because there is no warranty left so there will be no such problem.
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    Is The Intel QX6700 Good for an XP Gaming Rig?

    I think you should use it with a GTX 770 or a GTX 780-780 ti so you wouldn't have problems running some more recent games if you want to. Probably 8 GB of DDR2-DDR3 ram(it depends on what motherboard do u want to use and how many dim slots it has) and you should be good enough for a XP Gaming Rig.
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    Beyond a Steel Sky delayed into 2020

    Well i guess we can wait a little bit more ):
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    Getting 55-60 Fps constant on The Crew 2...

    So I recently bought The Crew 2 and i am having a good time with it but... even with the video options I am running on, i still can't get a constant 55-60 Fps in some zones of the map. My specs are on my profile, I think. Thanks for the help.