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    Epic Games Store Updated to Include Game Ratings & Polls

    Ask them to add favorite to UE engine assets.. such a lazy company.. I have so many assets it’s a nightmare to find what I want
  2. saikamaldoss

    NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4090/4080 to Feature up to 24 GB of GDDR6X Memory and 600 Watt Board Power

    And here i am setting gpu limit to 75% and frame limit to 58fps on my 3080TI waiting to upgrade hopefully AMD can do it with 400w so i can switch back.
  3. saikamaldoss

    AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution (FSR) Plugin for Unreal Engine 4 Released

    No FSR it is or DLSS. TST out of the box is more blurry. It needs more shading.
  4. saikamaldoss

    Windows 11 a Flop, Survey Claims Less Than 1% Upgraded, Microsoft Improves Start Menu

    Right click on filed and desktop is messed up and start menu messed up, task manager removed from task bar and most of all trying to unify interface like they did with windows8. No wonder. Hope they stick to win10 shell and win 11 under the hood.
  5. saikamaldoss

    AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution (FSR) Plugin for Unreal Engine 4 Released

    Actually you are right. Most of them including me started using UE5 thanks to nanite and world partition and DLSS plugin is already there. I am using it. Would love to add this as well.
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    GPU for Unreal engine

    Thanks, Yup I see that. Now the issue is, Without the GeForce Experience I am having issues with division 2. The solution on web is to change the game from Dx12 to Dx11 which I do not like. Games starts lagging once I enter Whitehouse or some building. when I look at clock speed of GPU on...
  7. saikamaldoss

    GPU for Unreal engine

    You are correct. The Nvidia Experience profiles is messing up with all the quality for extra FPS. :/ I installed Driver only with Physix and used windows store control center and I do not see the texture glitch again. But I only tested it with division. have to do it with rest. however after I...
  8. saikamaldoss

    Intel Core i9-12900K Single-Thread Performance Allegedly 27% Faster Than Ryzen 9 5950X

    Is this not a ddr5 cpu ? so it will go against Zen 4 ?
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    GPU for Unreal engine

    Actually i brought it up as i see this in every game. I will try to do a video capture or something to show the difference once i get some time.
  10. saikamaldoss

    GPU for Unreal engine

    Ya I am surprised as well after spending 2k on 3080TI. I don't really care about afterburn at this point. My concerns are more about texture quality and stuff. Sure I will post it here. I need some time to do all that work again so I can take screenshot. Should I try Nvcleaninstall as I have...
  11. saikamaldoss

    GPU for Unreal engine

    Thank you guys. I finally got my 3080 IT.. Not very happy finding out they have the crappiest drivers coming from AMD. I did not realized AMD drivers were so good/advanced/crash free I did some testing games with same settings locked at 60FPS and I see 338w usage compared to my vega64 doing...
  12. saikamaldoss

    GPU for Unreal engine

    Good points. The game will run on low end system as well. But i need to load the whole landscape on my development computer. the only think that concerns me is the life of the GPU. Does nvidia last as long as AMD ? I personally know people who suffered burned GPU with Nvidia including me.. i...
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    GPU for Unreal engine

    Hello… i am currently working on some game development and in need of a GpU upgrade from Vega64 I have narrowed down to 2 cards that i can buy… both similarly priced thanks to scalpers… :/ AMD 6900xt or 3080TI Which one do you guys think will be a better choice. I am working on large...
  14. saikamaldoss

    Intel Regains CPU Market Share that it lost to AMD, Latest Steam Hardware Survey

    who ever wanted a graphics card had to buy a assembled system that came with intel CPU.. intel took profit of gpu shortage. They gave better CPU price for system builders.
  15. saikamaldoss

    Windows 11 ISO Leaks to the Web, New Start Screen, Mac-like Centered Dock, Rounded Edges

    I did not even want to try it if this is how it look. Its a shame microsoft is copying Mac which is a shame. Also it will be easy for win11 users to migrate to mac due to similarity.. its important for Ms to stick to its root so that they have the advantage of familiarity