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    Noctua Presents NA-TPG1 Thermal Paste Guard for AMD AM5

    LOL Noctua definitely is progressive. I have been paranoid everytime I see those dents on these AM5 guys.
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    Xtrfy M42 Wireless

    Maybe I missed some others but I really like the detachable back. I know what the holes are for but they are really also good at collecting dirt. Being able to clean it better is critical.
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    ASRock's B650 Motherboard Lineup Leaks Ahead of Official Reveal

    Where is the exclusive DRAM sticker?
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    GIGABYTE RTX 4090 Goes on Sale in Hong Kong Well Ahead of Time, But it's a Paperweight Until Drivers Release

    Rumor has it they were sitting in the warehouse since Aug, and really just waiting for the 3000 series to clear after the ETH upgrade.
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    Toshiba's Double-Transmon Coupler Will Realize Faster, More Accurate Superconducting Quantum Computers

    Can't say I wasn't confused to see this on TPU, even I am from this field.
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    GoPro Launches Three New HERO11 Black Cameras That Send Highlight Videos to Your Phone

    The sensor is upgraded and is now larger, I hope this helps solve their low light weakness. PS: Own Hero10.
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    Akasa Unveils Updated Maxwell Pro Plus Case with LGA1700 Support

    Really like their cases and their persistent in making them, had an Euler S from long time ago and it was amazing.
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    Microsoft Plans Windows 12 for 2024

    This is completely normal, as 11 is at best a repeat of 8/8.1. The actual usable release has been every another version since XP.
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    [PCGamer] Ethereum won't ditch GPU cryptocurrency mining until much later in the year

    It’s probably redundant to say “in the year”.”
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    $5 Million Campaign Aims to Make Bitcoin More Energy Efficient

    Time to consider Chia, or simply go PoS?
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    ASUS Radeon RX 6500 XT TUF Gaming

    I still remember I paid $249 for my RX 480 in 2016. This shit is like 10% faster than that, asks for $350, in 2022. I call that an insult.
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    Kingston NV1 1 TB

    Looking at the relative performance page, it looks like there is no reason to get this over SN570
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    Sapphire GPRO X080 and X060 Mining GPUs Based on AMD RDNA2 Navi Architecture Surface

    29 MH/s at 60W isn't really that impressive. I know the price of current GPUs are insane, but just FYI my 3-4 years old Vegas do 40 MH/s+ at 100W or below, and fact is also they were way cheaper when I got them.
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    Looks like M1 Max is not that great for hashing Eth

    I remember M1 did like 2 MH/s only, I wouldn't expect M1 Pro/Max to go much faster. Plus the break even will likely take forever, or at least much longer than getting a GPU.
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    Intel Core i9-12900K

    Well I do hope it at least makes 5950X cheaper