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    BIOSTAR and TechPowerUp Racing GT Giveaway: The Winners

    Wow! This is William. I just got an email from Cybermedia saying that I won the B250GT5. I know they are a PR firm in Taiwan. Is this for real? :eek:
  2. Sanhime

    Editorial AMD Didn't Get the R9 Fury X Wrong, but NVIDIA Got its GTX 980 Ti Right

    This. Also, 4K gaming is still too early (IMHO) and I am guessing most PC gamers play their games on a 21-27" desktop monitor, 2 feet from their face instead of sitting on a couch 10 feet from the TV. 4K makes no sense on unless you're playing games on a 50"+ screen.
  3. Sanhime

    Raidmax Hyperion

    The specs on Raidmax website says you can mount a 200mm fan in the front. Can you confirm this? I cannot tell from the pics.
  4. Sanhime

    Laptop not switching to dedicated GPU

    I just bought a Lenovo Y50 with a Intel 4600 and Geforce GTX 860M 4GB. I updated to the latest drivers and playing games seems to run fine. I was able to play BF3, Tera, TF2 at good speeds. Lately, I tried to play the games again and I noticed the image quality looked a lot different and ran...
  5. Sanhime

    Lenovo Readies Y50 Refresh with GTX 960M Graphics and IPS Display

    Damn, I just bought a Lenovo (1080p version) with a 860M GTX 4GB (Maxwell). I wonder how a 960M will perform compared to 860M.
  6. Sanhime

    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960 Specs Confirmed

    What would this say about mobile solution? 860m is already based on Maxwell, if this is a "960m" coming along, would it be any better than the 860m?
  7. Sanhime

    moving my linux mint partition to another hard drive

    Would it be easier to install linux on the other hard drive, delete the linux from the 3TB drive, and update GRUB the way you described above?
  8. Sanhime

    moving my linux mint partition to another hard drive

    Hello. I have a 3TB hard drive with Win7 occupying around 2.1TB and Linux Mint (Ubunutu) occupying 600GB. I have a spare 1TB hard hard. I want to move the Linux Mint to the other hard drive. How do I properly do this? And how do I properly edit GRUB# which is the current bootloader? Thanks.
  9. Sanhime

    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980 4 GB

    Currently running GTX 690. Worth upgrading to GTX 980?
  10. Sanhime

    NVIDIA Announces the GeForce GTX 980 and GeForce GTX 970

    I'm still using GTX 690. Is it worth going GTX 980?
  11. Sanhime

    Triple boot XP (32bit), 7 (64bit), Ubuntu (64bit) on a single 3TB drive

    How do I seamlessly make a triple boot of XP (32bit), 7 (64bit), Ubuntu (64bit) on a single 3TB hard drive without needing to switch between UEFI and BIOS? I'm trying to make 7 the largest partition, and the other two smaller. I know MBR has a 2TB limit, but is that limit per drive or per...
  12. Sanhime

    750GT SLI or 760GTX --> for laptop?

    Just like the subject says. Price wise, on newegg, with all others things nearly equally, a laptop with either of the two GPU configurations cost almost the same. So which one will be better? Thanks!
  13. Sanhime

    looking for budget laptop for graphics and stuff

    How about Intel HD 4000+ gpus? Are they any good for autodesk?
  14. Sanhime

    looking for budget laptop for graphics and stuff

    I'm not exactly sure how extensive he will be rendering, I'm assuming not. I was eye balling this one from newegg. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16834231455
  15. Sanhime

    looking for budget laptop for graphics and stuff

    Hello all, I want to look for a laptop for a relative who is in college and is using/learning autodesk 3D MAX and autoCAD. I understand quadro and firepro systems are expensive. So for college kids who typically don't have money, what type of GPU/laptop is reasonable for a college student...