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    Anyone want a free Battlefield 3 key?

    Thanks for the giveaway :)
  2. sapetto

    Should i upgrade because of my new graphics card

    Very well then, the upgrade is on its way. Thanks all
  3. sapetto

    Should i upgrade because of my new graphics card

    Hi guys, well long story short my GTX570 was broken i RMA it and got an GTX670. I am now wondering should i upgrade my current setup to Ivy bridge so i can utilize the full potential of the new card? I was thinking of 3750K, 8 Gigs and some nice Gigabyte mobo but is it worth it? Cheers :)
  4. sapetto

    GIVEAWAY! Sleeping Dogs.

    Count me in and Thanks for the giveaway
  5. sapetto

    Giveaway: Nuclear Dawn

    good luck to all
  6. sapetto

    PowerColor AX6770 V2.0

    Yeah i'm using CM GX750W myself and had no problems with the system in the specs :)
  7. sapetto

    Diablo III Clubhouse

    Does anyone still have a Guest pass key that wants to share ?
  8. sapetto

    BF3 Crash Help..

    Try updating PunkBuster it might help also do you have the latest graphics drivers?
  9. sapetto

    HDD Setup for Fraps

    MSI Afterburner is good too :) Concerning Dxtory i can say that is way better than FRAPS, on my system when i try to record with FRAPS i get lag, fps drops and large files. When i tried Dxtory i was amazed, it has tons of settings including HDD write speed adjustment, custom codecs, custom size...
  10. sapetto

    HDD Setup for Fraps

    Or you could just use Dxtory, way better than Fraps
  11. sapetto

    WoW Scroll of Res, revamped

    My account has to be inactive to be eligible because my account is still active
  12. sapetto

    XBOX360 owner clubhouse, come on in ;)

    You are lucky, my Elite Jasper has its DVD key erased after the last dashboard update :(.
  13. sapetto

    Current Sales, Bundles, Giveaways

    ok $15 is still better than 20 euros.