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    Liquid cooler 3 pin connector

    HI FRIENDS ! I have cooler master ml240r aio liquid cooler.that cooler's pump has 3 pin connector but my motherboard don't have 3 pin connector.what can I do? Give me a solution...
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    RGB fan question.

    How can I extent my RGB header to work MSI mystic light? is cooler master RGB or ARGB controllers compatible to MSI mystic light?
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    RGB fan question.

    Many means three fan's RGB LED cables.my mother board has only 2 RGB LED header and 1 addressable 3 pin RGB header and 1 Corsair 3 pin RGB header.then how can I connect many 4 pin RGB fan's LED cables?and I need to work my components at MSI mystic light.please give me full explanation bro...my...
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    RGB fan question.

    HI FRIENDS ! Can I connect many RGB fans or RGB fan's RGB cables or RGB strips using splitter cable directly from mother board without using any wired controllers or adapters?