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    Blizzard's Battle.net Launcher Receives a Makeover

    Can't have your friends list as a separate smaller window must take up the entire screen to look at it. Amazing how tone-deaf this is.
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    Sony Shows Off PlayStation 5 Internals in the Latest Teardown Video

    Complaining about the fan is just wrong Radial fans are better then axial for a heatsink application. In general a radial fan will generate a more concentrated flow and greater pressure but at less volume. Generally radial fans are quieter in the hvac world because the air that gets pushed is...
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    RTX 3080 Crash to Desktop Problems Likely Connected to AIB-Designed Capacitor Choice

    Clearly this was done to snipe all the ebay scalpers.
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    Intel 14 nm Node Compared to TSMC's 7 nm Node Using Scanning Electron Microscope

    Marketing to the public, people who actually have to order from a foundry get more useful information. Why do people think samsung had a 7nm process since 2018 because they advertise it to the public even when it's was basically not usable Different logic/i.o/cache/memory all comes in different...
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    Intel 11th Gen Core "Tiger Lake" & Xe Graphics Launch Event: Live Blog

    Intel isn't using TDP anymore and AMD 15w is TDP not it's power setting. 4800U is a 12-25w TDP configurable, 15w is the default but the OEM can set it up however they want. The lenovo they use was set up at the 25w TDP. I approve of intel moving away from TDP that number made no sense to anyone...
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    NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3090 and 3080 Specifications Leaked

    Parts of PhysX are of UE4 and Unity granted the ol cuda acceleration is pretty dead but nvidia's physics package is still pretty prevalent.
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    Microsoft Flight Simulator Expected to Stimulate Billions in PC Hardware Sales

    Not really strange the game only uses like 4-8 threads and it's mostly just the 1-2 threads doing all the work you can tell how old the base of the game really is. The game was likely just built right on top of the old FSX engine. Intel has the higher clock and still has a slight edge on IPC so...
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    Picture Proof of NVIDIA 12-pin Power Connector: Seasonic Ships Modular Adapters

    I wonder how much that 850w recommended is because the 12pin is supposed to be able to carry up to 600w So it's probably not smart to run such a connector on a 600w power supply.
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    NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3090 Founders Edition Potentially Pictured: 3-slot Behemoth!

    Halo branding works. Even if it loses them money halo products raise the perceived worth of products downline due to it raising the perceived worth of the brand itself. It's unclear if this what appears to be a reaching product is due to trying to justify RTX/4K and people actually buying new...
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    NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3090 Founders Edition Potentially Pictured: 3-slot Behemoth!

    Yeah it's the same as the oversized non reference cards everyone buys
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    Logitech Says It's Doing Everything it Can to Thwart Webcam Shortages

    120fps based on what? What webcam, streaming or videoweb site even allows 120fps. That's probably because Logitech moved to using the cheaper Chinese made Omron switches many years back from the Japanese ones. Ofc for some reason the chinese ones are rated for 50mil clicks while the japanese...
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    Arm Co-Founder Doesn't Think NVIDIA Owning the Company Would be in Its Best Interests

    PowerPC, MIPS, ARM all have pretty wide applications throughout their lifetime. It's just a matter if you can make it work, hardware and software. I would say the biggest thing having x86 as the popular pc processor is software, legacy crap is the reason why windows is popular, it's also what...
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    Samsung 870 QVO 1 TB

    Relative to even their own offerings the low price isn't low enough Samsung 860 EVO 2TB can be had $279.99 Samsung 870 QVO 2TB can be had $249.99 That isn't cheap enough, there is a little to be said about the 8TB version have capacity that isn't offered else where but the price isn't low enough...
  14. semantics

    Herman Miller And Logitech G Enhance The Embody Chair To Meet Needs Of Pro Gamers And Streamers

    Ionno if i was a streamer sponsored by logitech i'd be excited if i could get to sit in a Herman Miller chair vs the weird shoulder bolsters on other "gaming" chairs. But yeah weird partnership, Herman miller makes really great long lasting chairs but they come at a really premium price.
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    NVIDIA GeForce Now Founders Will Not Be Charged Until June

    Oh geforce now, sell server time and have people run w.e software they own on it. Publishers don't like it because they don't think it lets them make more money, just like they didn't like being able to transfer game keys. I do wonder why nvidia just doesn't try pushing it by just making you...