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    ASMedia Remains AMD Chipset & USB Partner, Increases Revenues By 44.7%

    "latest AMD nightmare" way to put it :D. Also we demand daily CTS Labs updates till it wrecks AMD to shreds. That would be a sight to behold :toast:
  2. Sempron Guy

    Linus Torvalds Slams Security Researchers Without Taking Names

    I like how the tech media will come clean after this even though they are used(voluntarily or involuntarily) as medium to push shady agenda. Got to love the power of free press.
  3. Sempron Guy

    13 Major Vulnerabilities Discovered in AMD Zen Architecture, Including Backdoors

    they published it on a site called amdflaws.com who they most likely authored as well. Anyone still falls for this kind of stuff in 2018?
  4. Sempron Guy

    Colorful Working on AMD 400-series Chipset AM4 Motherboards

    they already got AM4 boards? https://en.colorful.cn/contents/261/648.html
  5. Sempron Guy

    Ryzen Owners Zen Garden

    30-32c ambient :P
  6. Sempron Guy

    Ryzen Owners Zen Garden

    you guys are arguing over a 70c max load temp at 4ghz? I'm on a custom loop and breaks that 70c easily in WCG at 3.9ghz :P
  7. Sempron Guy

    Ryzen Owners Zen Garden

    give it a few months, it's only clean now cause I felt the need to take a few pictures of it, cleaned :p
  8. Sempron Guy

    Ryzen Owners Zen Garden

    Had to dial down my memory from 3400mhz ( through bclk ) to 3333mhz cause of bclk overclocking issue with M.2 ssds. Recently upgraded to a Samsung Evo M.2 250gb ssd and it won't play nice with bclk oc.
  9. Sempron Guy

    Vega 8 Mobile GPU Seemingly Ditches HBM2 Memory, Makes Use of System DDR4 Pool

    since when did AMD announce Raven Ridge will use HBM2?
  10. Sempron Guy

    Frequent display driver crashes and MEMORY_MANAGEMENT BSOD

    This happened to me twice as indicated on my screenshot above while stress testing my ram. I've used HCI Memtest, with memory load at around 94%. Same as what you've experience. Screen goes black for around 2 secs then saw that in the windows event viewer. I passed the HCI memtest run which I...
  11. Sempron Guy

    AMD ryzen performance in WCG ?

    :p it's just temporary, IBM Phils made a WCG team and it's a ghost town after a few days. Such a shame really. So I though maybe I could put in some work for a few months might encourage someone to contribute. It didn't happen. Will get back crunching at team tpu in few days :D
  12. Sempron Guy

    AMD ryzen performance in WCG ?

    can I ask where can I see my points per day stat?
  13. Sempron Guy

    AMD ryzen performance in WCG ?

    I have to bump this topic as I haven't found the answer yet why the WCG client is much slower than the BOINC client as I pointed above.
  14. Sempron Guy

    Far Cry 3 FPS hovers around 20-50fps regardless of settings.

    As expected you completely ignored the relevant part of my reply w/c is completely what the thread is all about instead nitpick on the part where I pointed out your pointless whining. Stop making this thread about you, go cry somewhere else :nutkick: tried that before didn't make any...
  15. Sempron Guy

    Far Cry 3 FPS hovers around 20-50fps regardless of settings.

    Made a recorded gameplay vid just for you. I know you'd probably wouldn't watch it given your manner of replies on this thread but here it is anyway. This is at 4k DSR max out, not sure if your reference vid is using max aa though so that could be the difference. If only you care enough to...