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    Whats your graphics card history???

    Intel integrated nVidia 6200 PCI nVidia 8600GT PCI-E ATI HD4870 PCI-E
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    Alcpone's Official 3dMark Vantage Compilation

    Add This Add This please, just ran the test. I really need to work on getting my CPU to at least 3.6Ghz. Sapphire HD4870 1GB. :banghead:
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    3DMark Vantage Results

    I agree. Hopefully I'll be similarly successful. :respect:
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    ATI+NVIDIA Physx??? yes

    Is it possible that Microsoft could release a Vista update which would allow two display drivers to be installed? Or is there no hope for this ever working on Vista? :(
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    new keyboard( recommendations)

    I agree. I have the g15 v1 and it is excellent. The macros are great for MMOs and the blue lights on the keys are great for gaming at night. Although I am not sure if it is within the topic creator's budget, unless there has been a significant price drop since I purchase mine.