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    SanDisk Ultra Solid State Drive Ships to Retailers

    That is the most generic, paint by the numbers, fill in the blanks, uninspired press release I've seen in a while. I at least get a laugh out of some of the more hyperbole filled / poorly translated press releases out of the far east, but this one is just so vanilla, it's almost worse. "The new...
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    Mitsubishi Announces Fast New DiamondCrysta Monitor

    5ms IPS can perform almost the same as 2ms TN monitors as far as ghosting goes. However, it will be interesting to see how good the cross talk is on these monitors in 3D mode.
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    AMD A-Series APUs Tested Against Sandy Bridge CPUs at Gaming on IGP

    Do these APUs or their corresponding chipsets (NB) have a dedicated Video Transcode / encode / decode block, like the Z68's "QuickSync" feature?
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    SuperTalent Unveils SandForce SF-2000 Driven TeraDrive SSDs

    That would certainly be nice - would you happen to have any links that discuss pricing or dates?
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    MSI Announces New N500GTX Twin Frozr II Series Graphics Cards

    I'm wondering if TwinFrozr II is the more or less stock card and TwinFrozr III is the more heavily overclocked version, which was the case with the 400 series cards, IIRC. I wonder how this will compare temps / noise-wise compared to the Gigabyte WindForce3X GTX 570, which is another...
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    New headphones, should I get an AMP?

    btarunr has a point about a good headphone friendly amp being a solid choice for your headphones. If you need something that can be used with a laptop or multiple devices, the Nuforce uDac is a pretty solid choice in this price range, and quite versatile too. There are over 1800 posts in this...
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    Sparkle Announces GeForce GTX 570 V-Go Graphics Card

    Is this a reference design or not? I wish there was a teensy bit of editorial included in the straight up publishing of product introduction press releases as 'news'.
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    AMD FX Making a Comeback, to Challenge Intel Core i7 Extreme Edition

    I wonder if these are 8 full cores or the 4 x dual shared cores that most of the hardware sites implied after Hot Chips 2010 (i.e. 2 int schedulers, one fp scheduler, 2 full int pipelines, 1 full FP pipeline, shared fetch and decode stages for each 'dual core' block. This could end up in...
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    Sharkoon Intros New USB 3.0 Flash Drive, Targets Price-Performance Sweetspot

    Wow... SLC, 130MB/s write, small form factor, price not too insane. Can't beat it with a stick, except I don't see any availability in the US :(
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    Intel Readies 25 nm NAND-based X25-M and X25-V SSDs for Q4 2010

    Given the capacity ramp up, I'm hoping prices are going down, and since I see Best Buy is now selling the G2 X25-M drives at low prices, I'm guessing they're thinning out inventories and planning the slow lowering of current-gen prices so that the G3 doesn't look like a huge price drop. I'm...
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    Gigabyte Details and Tests GTX 460 Accelerator in Leaked Sales Kit

    Yeah, the 1GB version is supposedly 256-bit instead of the 192-bit 768MB version, so I'd be interested in seeing some early 768 vs. 1GB benches.
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    A-Data Ready with SATA 6 Gb/s and Turbo SSDs

    Re: Intel controller inside - very doubtful given the write speeds - unless of course it is internally RAIDed. It could however be using Intel MLC chips, since they do sell them to others. Re: Prices, it's pretty safe to assume it's in the ballpark of $2.40 - $3.40 / GB street price, barring...
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    Dell Introduces Two New Displays with Wide Viewing Angle and Brilliant Colours

    A lot of these e-IPS panels have uniformity issues (larger Dell, HP and NEC 23" 1080p IPS), which leads to 'tinting' where one side of the screen is colored differently than the other side. Of course that's just luck of the draw, and the same thing can happen with other inexpensive screens. Dell...
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    NVIDIA Readying GeForce 400 Series Mobile GPUs for June?

    Interesting, wonder if this is related to the recent desktop 465 announcement. I assumed that was a Fermi die, but there's no way the laptops are getting cut down desktop Fermis, this has to be a new derivative, which means mid range desktop parts are probably on the way - a Fermi based G92...
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    OCZ Technology Announces Vertex 2 and Agility 2 Solid State Drives

    Before the original X25-M, very few SSD drives broke the 20MB/s barrier on 4K random writes on an MLC drive. 200MB/s 4KB random write is blazingly fast. 4KB random read is the one you actually feel though in day to day desktop OS performance (in conjunction with the normal sequential read /...