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    Cryptocoin Value and Market Trend Discussion

    That's already coinbase. It was shunned because it has higher fees, but being a publicly traded company it is held to a standard that the other exchanges are not. They sent out an email after the FTX news dropped explaining this. Have you looked at the stock market? Everything is down...
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    What are you playing?

    Giving bannerlord a go again for the 132nd time... It's definitely a stable game but I still just find myself wondering wtf to do for a lot of the time.
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    Cryptocoin Value and Market Trend Discussion

    Just saw coinbase is up almost 13% on friday. They're gonna gain a bunch of customers that fled FTX and flee crypto.com. The best crypto investment right now is probably buying coinbase stock and not buying actual crypto.
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    BIOS mods - Unlock everything?

    Sort of. A planner in a group is always a good thing, but a hopeless dreamer who lacks understanding on the things they want is not.
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    Is this PSU enough?

    Just once I'd like to see a thread not devolve into bickering and instead just answer the question. 650W might work, you'll find out quickly enough if it doesn't 750W should be more than fine (MSI is gonna play it safe and recommend more than you need) 850W will definitely be fine without...
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    is it too late to invest on mining?

    It kinda makes sense that mining profits is considered income as that is exactly what it is, it might not be profit (elec. fees and whatnot) but it is income. Being taxed again on sale is shitty tho, almost feels like an oversight given you can track what amount of coins were mined and what were...
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    Air Cooling -- Myths and setup tips for the novice performance / gaming builder

    That's a nice way of saying "why does this thread exist?"
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    is it too late to invest on mining?

    But yes like was said. Mining is dead. There's some altcoins that still have some small value but outside of hobbyist stuff you're better off buying and staking/hodl'ing. Tax wise there's no taxes to pay until you sell/convert. And taxes are typically cheaper if you hold longer than a year and...
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    Looking for a bios backup of RTX 4090 Phantom

    Completely different card architecture. That's like comparing an old Pentium 4 with a new i7, max temp for the 4 is something like 70c but the i7 is 100c. Might be fine in this case, but is just an awful way to go about things. There's literally 0 to be gained by BIOS modding a 4090 right now.
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    Problem with my GPU

    Get a new PSU from a decent brand, even if it doesn't fix it you'll have peace of mind. My concern is it crashing to desktop and not crashing the system entirely, that makes me think it's not the PSU but the GPU. If a new PSU doesn't fix it you might have gotten a mining card that got beat to...
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    Chill games

    Skyrim? Has a storyline, is relatively "easy" and relaxing depending on your playstyle, tons of content, tons of mods. If you like management games a new Football Manager just came out. If you prefer baseball OOTP Baseball is also solid.
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    Looking for a bios backup of RTX 4090 Phantom

    Can I ask why you're messing with power limits on an already extremely power hungry/hot running card (that no game can currently even push to near it's limits). Unless you like the risk of making an extremely expensive paperweight.
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    AMD CPU Roadmap - stagnation coming?

    This.. if anyone we're all guessing if we say anything else.
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    Do you use Linux?

    Thread title should probably be "How do you use linux" instead of the current. Given it's in the linux section of the forum you're going to get skewed answers if you base it off the current title. I run ubuntu on my home server. It's mainly a plex/torrent/sonarr/radarr box right now as I don't...
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    Windows 11 22H2 is super broken...

    By your own description it just means the driver is bad not the entire OS...