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    Grand Theft Auto V Premium Edition Free to Grab on Epic Games Store

    Yes. Well, I'm not sure about EGS version, but Steam's does. Requires both Steam and RSSC running to work.
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    Grand Theft Auto V Premium Edition Free to Grab on Epic Games Store

    So, you're aware that GTA V is old, yet not aware that "small SSDs" are also a thing of the past? I hope you don't believe Doom Eternal's coming out on floppies...
  3. Shihabyooo

    Windows 10 Game Mode Negatively Impacts "Call of Duty: Warzone" Performance

    Could've easily offset these issues by adding an option to manually add an executable to the list. But giving users control isn't exactly Microsoft's thing these days. :rolleyes: Several Russian, botnet maintainers agree.
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    Free Games Thread

    Yep, looks like a bug indeed. The listing on the search results does show it to be free. Game's own page not so much Server update delays, perhaps?
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    Free Games Thread

    Total War Shogun 2 will be given the free-to-keep treatment in aprox 7 and a half hours (assuming I didn't mix up my time zones). https://sega.prezly.com/total-war-shogun-ii-free-to-keep-this-week#
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    Antivirus Providers Continue Supporting Windows 7

    Considering that they are very much redundant (in in some cases, counter-productive) in post Win7 OSes, I say that continuing supporting Win 7 is not really a choice here, it's one last straw to hang on before drowning in (to?) obscurity (in the consumer market, at least). With that said, why...
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    Microsoft Releases Windows 10 November 2019 Update (1909)

    "The search box in File Explorer to now be powered by Windows Search" It wasn't? Come to think of it, I don't recall explorer breaking with Cortana or showing unsought, web results. CONGRATULATIONS! You were not selected as a beta tester.
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    So do you guys prefer web-based email or email client in desktop to access your mail?

    Both. I like to spread my habbits accross platforms. Thunderbird (why isn't anyone else using this? Microsoft shills!) for some, websites for others.
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    Audio-Technica Introduces Its Truly Wireless ATH-CKS5TW and Its ATH-CK3TW Headphones at IFA 2019

    So, not "trully wireless" after all, eh? (please don't downvote me)
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    AMD's Latest AGESA Update Removes PCIe 4.0 Support from Pre-X570 Motherboards

    To play the devil advocate here, does PCIe 4.0 support even matters? With that said, shutting down features in already sold and enabled motherboards is a dick move. Isn't reducing the value of a product post-sale illegal somewhere? Tbh though I can't really go for AMD for wanting this dead...
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    Toshiba Announces the XFMExpress Socketed Non-volatile Memory Standard

    I like modularity and all, but I don't see this picking up. Those markets are infamous for being unserviceable intentionally. It's becoming rarer and rarer to see ultrabooks with user-serviceable batteries, even changing drives requires taking off the entire back these days! And let's not even...
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    exFAT vs NTFS for non-OS partitions

    I didn't mean that for your use case or in general, I meant it specifically for the OP's. I agree, for non-general-purpose/highly locked down computers it's no solution, but that's not the case here, right? I mentioned NTFS-G3 as an argument against Linux's inability to write on NTFS partitions...
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    exFAT vs NTFS for non-OS partitions

  14. Shihabyooo

    exFAT vs NTFS for non-OS partitions

    Don't bother with exFAT, it was meant for mobile/removable media, not the big league storage. Compared to NTFS, you lose journaling and indexing, meaning less reliability and painfall file-searching process.
  15. Shihabyooo

    [FF] Resident Evil 2 Steam Code

    Definitely interested!