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    NVIDIA Underestimated AMD's Efficiency Gains from Tapping into TSMC 7nm: Report

    There were reasons to go for Vega. But they weren't relevant to gaming. Vega was a beast for GPU computing, so it was a good choice for that application. That's just not what most people were shopping for. Radeon VII was even more so. Which isn't a surprise, because it was really a $5000 card...
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    AMD Ryzen "Raven Ridge" Comes with a Limited PCIe Interface

    That goes at least double if you buy an APU like the 2400G. The chip is using main memory for graphics so memory bandwidth is key. ALWAYS use dual channel and spend the little bit of extra money for DDR4-3200 RAM with an APU. (Note that this means you'll need a B350 or B450 motherboard rather...
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    AMD Ryzen 5 1400 3.2 GHz

    Has it been confirmed that the 1400 uses a 2x2 configuration rather than 4x1? I'd have thought the latter would make more sense for the reduced cache configuration; it would provide a use for the chips where one of the core clusters was defective and would allow for a die redesign where the...
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    AMD's Ryzen Cache Analyzed - Improvements; Improveable; CCX Compromises

    The cache design of Ryzen 7 suggests that an even better way to handle it would be to schedule it as a two socket system, each of which is a 4c 8t CPU. The L3 cache is divided into two parts, and performance is much worse if a core on side A needs data from side B or vice versa.