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    Scythe Fuma 2

    Excellent review crazyeyesreaper. I like how you push the coolers to the max and show which will throttle. May I ask you consider testing several heatsinks with the same single or dual fan used? That way we can see which scales up better. Reeven Okeanos ended up good after the fans were...
  2. ShogoXT

    Noctua NF-P12 redux-1700 PWM Fan

    Would you please consider looking at the new Arctic P series fans? I really appreciate your detail and consistency when reviewing fans. Some reviews show it close to the new Noctua fans while others show it sucking for push pull heatsinks.
  3. ShogoXT

    ASRock Z370 Taichi

    I have x370 taichi myself for Ryzen. It has a cheap 1x1 WiFi card. Does it still have that for this? Also if I wanted to change it, is there a safe way to remove the io shroud?
  4. ShogoXT

    Aerocool P7-L240 All-in-One

    I haven't logged in for a long time, but I wanted to ask about higher TDP tests as well. I'm running with my specs during realbench and streaming with OBS/x264 I'm actually hitting over 90c after 20 minutes. I had a good twitch stream recorded with it happening on pubg, but it fell off. I asked...
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    OFFICIAL World Of Tanks

    Thats a nice UI you got there. So far I only use XVM as well. People think its wrong to judge people on win rates and eff rating and it is correct that when the player is still new it doesnt prove reliable. That said, after you see them having 5k+ games (XVM shows this) it tends to be pretty...
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    OFFICIAL World Of Tanks

    You can transfer the crews from older vehicles and put them into new ones, but they have to be retrained. There is a penalty though for retraining them into vehicles of different types. Also I suggest you abandon the T-50-2 for the time being. Tier 5 scouts are not financially viable as they...
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    OFFICIAL World Of Tanks

    http://worldoftanks.com/community/accounts/1001030940-ShogoXT/ Yep its a fun game.
  8. ShogoXT

    Tera Online

    Ive been looking forward to a action MMO for a long time but the fanservice was turning me away from the game as distasteful. Im looking at it again though and I keep hearing good things. Should I go for it?
  9. ShogoXT

    New Borderlands 2 Trailer!

    Hey anyone else notice a few similarities between the new Siren and the main character from Ghost in the Shell?
  10. ShogoXT

    Possible Precedent: Accused Americans Can Be Forced To Decrypt Their Encrypted Data

    Warrants allow them to break into and retrieve any evidence they want, but it does not require the defendant to provide the evidence themselves. Such as the police can ask a person to open the door to their house. The person doesnt have to, but the police take no responsibility for broken down...
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    Have been wondering what SWTOR was....

    I am currently playing a lvl 23 Operative on Vulkar Highway.
  12. ShogoXT

    AMD 'Bulldozer' gets an Update from Microsoft.

    They seemed to have taken down the patch from the Microsoft website. Perhaps they need to adjust it?
  13. ShogoXT

    Ubisoft cutting off PC

    I knew i wouldnt like the drm before it came out for assassins creed 2 and held on buying it because of it. i only eventually bought them because they were 14 dollars on steam. i did end up having issues after buying it as well. account issues first of all when setting up the game. second...
  14. ShogoXT

    Unlimited Detail Technology

    Regardless of whether or not this is actually viable. When the hell did Notch become the expert on graphics engines!?!?!? Seriously!?!??!
  15. ShogoXT

    OFFICIAL Elder Scrolls V : Skyrim (Discussion)

    I made a temporary double set of Ebony gear just to show how badass it is. Too bad I skipped it. Gona revert a save and just make a ton of weapons instead and hold the rest until Daedric. This stuff looks amazing.