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    CES 2019: Antec Present The Silent Guardian, New Quiet Computing P101 Silent Case

    Not necessarily. Coil whine, hard drive vibrations, fan airflow noise, fan motor vibrations and case panel/parts vibrations can all still be better muffled in a quality silent case. As long as your ambient noise levels are low enough, you're going to notice noise coming from your PC. A quality...
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    Cooler Master Announces the Masterbox K Series of PC Cases

    That's what I thought too. I suggested my friend to get the MasterBox Pro 5 (somewhat similar front intake design to the Masterbox K) and his temperatures were abysmal. CPU temps were 75C with front cover on and 60C without front cover on. I'd suggest looking up some airflow tests of the...
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    Antec P110 Luce

    The front panel's side intakes look rather restrictive. Any problems with cooling?
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    Relic Terminates Development Of Further Dawn of War III Content

    When both previous games (DOW1 and DOW2) are better than the new one (DOW3), you know there's a problem.
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    AMD Unlikely to Fix DX9 Games Bugged by Adrenalin Driver

    This must be the Reddit being referred to:
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    Antec Adds the P110 Silent Case to Their Renowned Performance One Series

    Only two front USB headers? Would have liked to see 4 :(
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    Antec P8

    Thank you for the review. I can't help but notice that the front panel is quite restrictive to airflow (no vents on the top and right sides). It must have been an aesthetic choice?
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    Neverwinter Nights Gets Remastered by Beamdog for Upcoming Steam Release

    Not sure what you mean - those look like the original DLC/expansion packs to NWN.
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    Cougar Panzer Max

    I'm not gonna the lie, the overall aesthetics of the case is very attractive. It could have been "over the top" like some cheaper gaming cases, but Cougar did a wonderful job.
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    ASUS PRIME Z270-A Motherboard Also Detailed

    Still only 5 USB A ports on the back, just like the Z170-A. Ridiculous.
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    Cooler Master Announces Master Air Maker 8 CPU Cooler

    I find that surprising! Noctua is known for their excellent mounting system.
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    Anidees AI6v2

    I'm somewhat disappointed that they did not improve on a few things over the v1: - Easier to remove front and bottom fan filters (although it looks like the PSU filter is now easy to remove) - Wider clearance for cables behind the motherboard tray (it gets really tight because of the sound...
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    INTEL HD 4600

    The HD3200 is absolute garbage nowadays. It wasn't without its own hiccups back in its days, too. I was all too disappointed with its lackluster performance. I would settle for the HD4600 anyday and I actually did just recently when I upgraded.
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    Help me choose from these cases!!

    Of the choices you listed, I would go with the Zalman Z11 Plus too. It's the most well-rounded one.
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    Thermaltake Unveils the Core V51 Riing Edition Window Green PC Chassis

    Nice color theme. I'm getting bored with all the all-black cases nowadays.