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    Reflashing to original 5700 non XT bios fails with "ROM not erased ERROR/ F0L01"

    From my past experiences the dos utility works best. There’s an archive in this thread with the req files. Glad you were able to recover it. How is driver support for your 5700 almost XTs ? Do you use the latest version? I’m at 20.11.2 anything above it makes some games freeze with a black...
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    EA SPORTS FIFA 21 Delivers the Most Authentic Matchday Experience to Date

    Lighting fast loading speeds blocked by 30 secs unskippable ads YAY!
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    MSI Also Announces PRO 22XT 10M and MP241 All-in-One Desktop PCs

    cutting edge of mediocre quality
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    Total War Saga: Troy to Be Free on Launch Day via EPIC Games Store

    No problems at all, by far the smoothest CA/Sega release in a long time. Also the game runs great on my PC
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    GIGABYTE Intros B550 VISION D Motherboard for Creators

    this looks nice and expensive for a B550 board
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    Intel Core i3-10300

    Right. I'm wondering how the frame rate times are with slower 2666Mhz RAM.
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    Intel Core i3-10300

    Most people will use this with CPU with 2666 Mhz ram which makes it 12 % slower in games. You need to be crazy to pair this i3 with a z490, even if you plan to later upgrade to a more powerful CPU.
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    Assassin's Creed Valhalla Teased, Set in the Land of the Ice and Snow

    Black vikings here they come
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    Google Stadia Pro Goes Free for the Next Two Months

    They're hoping you forget to cancel it ? Ofc you need to add your credit card
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    Editorial Intel Planning 14nm "Ozark Lake" 16-core Processor for Spring 2021

    Best in Class, hope it's available by 1st of April 2021
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    Reflashing to original 5700 non XT bios fails with "ROM not erased ERROR/ F0L01"

    I also have this issue with my PowerColor Red Dragon 5700 after flashing 5700XT Red Dragon on the OC bios. I can't flash the original OC 5700 back on the OC bios. The card used to work properly with the 5700 XT bios, until the latest driver update. Now the GPU boosts up to 2050 Mhz (previously...