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    PowerColor Quietly Outs Radeon RX 6900 XT Red Devil Ultimate

    true....but I'd say it's more like.... "ohhhhh you should just go to the other GPU manufacturer.....ohhh there isn't any other ones....ohhh thats too bad!"
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    German police are chasing buyers of cheap Windows 10 licenses

    this reminds me of the Adult Swim show Metalocalypse with the band Dethklok. They had an episode where the band and their hired guns would bust into peoples homes while they were downloading music and beat the crap out of them or bring them into their dungeon like prisons lol. Clearly was a joke...
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    Spring Cleaning - Steam Game Keys Giveaway

    Hi I would appreciate getting Bastion if it is still available? Thanks! Hades was such a good game I started looking into the devs back catalog and this is one that I keep telling myself I need to play someday
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    New built pc cpu overheating

    thermal paste should be like....paste. very pliable and sticky. how on earth did that not get stuck all over the packaging? if it is stiff or hardened at all that could be influencing your issues with high temps. dried out paste does a poor job of transferring the heat from the chip to the heat...
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    New built pc cpu overheating

    does this make sense to anyone? how do you package and ship a heat sink with thermal paste pre-applied without foreign debris getting stuck in the paste?! The film that is applied over the paste to keep it clean prior to installation. not having a peel film on it sounds really odd to me. edit...
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    Sony Waves Goodbye to PlayStation 3 As the Console Drops PlayStation Store Support

    that does not consider the online requirement stuff.....think of the modern Hitman games....you actually need to be connected to the internet to even get 99% (if not all) of the progression items. should those servers ever go down for good, lets hope the game got a patch removing said internet...
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    RTX 3080 is capped to 85FPS in games & Benchmarks etc. Please help, this drives me nuts!

    c'mon, I wasn't the only one who instantly thought of this!
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    Need help identifying joystick replacement

    So I think I found the parts I need. My main issue was not finding anything for sale in the good ol' USA! I really did NOT want to buy parts from China, but I came to the conclusion this is the only way to finish this project I started. I actually had a hard time finding them on Aliexpress even...
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    Good News everbody! You should be able to get a new video card at MSRP in May or June...

    Me reading the thread title! Me reading the thread comment......"of 2022"
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    Gigabyte Z590 AORUS Master

    $410?! Jesus christ!!!!! I got my Z390 version of this board for $250 when 9th gen CPUs were still new, and that's with shipping and tax. apparently not just GPUs are going up to insane costs! I would HATE myself if having to pay these prices today! And totally agree a negative is removing the...
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    Can you RMA a used (second user) graphics card (MSI specific)?

    why are you asking here? you should ask MSI customer support....what is the worst thing that can happen....they say no? if the card isn't working it's not like you have anything to lose. warranties are not usually tied to the owner, they are tied to the product through serial numbers for...
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    Gigabyte Z390 Resizable BAR now supported

    F11n is on their site for my MB, Z390 Aorus Master, which enabled this feature. Good to see companies doing this because they can, (adding feature through BIOS updates) but I have no reason to update BIOS for this or any other reason actually. I would hate myself forever if I had to reconfigure...
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    Intel Kills Extended Warranty Program for Overclocking

    wow, someone who used logic and common sense in a response on here! good job! Intel is a business in the business of making $$$, not CPUs, GPUs, desktops, laptops, etc. Their business is to make money, as is all businesses. If this was a profitable program, imagine a single executive giving the...
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    DAW software for instruments

    what on earth are you plugging into that DJ unit? when someone says plugging in my instruments I imagine guitar, bass, keyboard, drums, vocals, etc.....which as far as I can tell isn't what that unit is for. all it has in a single USB jack you need more than just software to connect and record...
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    iFixit Teardown Reveals The Reasons Behind Joystick Drift on PS5 Controllers

    They are not exactly consumer swappable, or at least, in a user friendly way. Soldering these things isn't a normal skill an avg consumer is going to have. I've done plenty of soldering when it comes to audio gear, so basically connecting wires to posts or pads. I've never done soldering on a...