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    Samsung Gaming monitor. How do I mount the 75 x 75 vesa wall mount?

    You can have......a "sue-ance"
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    Bitspower Unveils Mono Block for ASRock X299E-ITX ac LGA2066 Motherboard

    lol I've just never seen a mono block for an ITX board. looks pretty comical covering about 75% of the board
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    Remasters that you would like to see?

    I goggled the game just after my post and realized in a wiki page there was something released years later than could run at increased resolutions. I'm gonna look into that further. I meant to actually say remaster in my first post too instead of remake....but why I mention that is because I...
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    Remasters that you would like to see?

    This popped into my head randomly... Out of this World or known to the rest of the world outside North America as "Another World" I played it on the SNES and thought it was great back then. I still revisit it every few years and would buy a modernized HD remake if one ever got made.
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    LG's 48-inch OLED Gaming TV with G-SYNC Goes on Sale This Month

    the only thing ergonomically poor about my setup is I wish I had a more comfy chair. the only neck injuries I would ever sustain are from head banging too hard while I rock out. \m/ [ - - ] \m/ def not from using my PC though. but hey, each their own right! everyone has a preference and being...
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    LG's 48-inch OLED Gaming TV with G-SYNC Goes on Sale This Month

    sorry I wasn't clear. Please click the link in my "signature" ("Everything has a 1st") It is a post showing some pics of my setup Its a 49" 4k 60hz TV. I want to upgrade to 4k 120hz screen but prefer it to be HDMI 2.1 and I don't want to go bigger. Unfortunately my wants haven't fallen in line...
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    LG's 48-inch OLED Gaming TV with G-SYNC Goes on Sale This Month

    Just take a look at my setup. 49" screen. Using an adjustable stand so it's just a little bit further away because yes unless you have a very "deep" desk it would be a bit close for comfort in my opinion
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    AMD CEO Lisa Su Tops Earnings as Highest Paid CEO in The S&P 500

    jesus, who the hell deserves that much pay? CEO's are just plain overpaid. I'd say the same about athletes and any other positions that demand such ludicrous amounts of money. Us common folk can't even comprehend or fathom that kind of wealth.
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    Resident Evil 3 Remake - Discussion

    The best approach is to not purchase anything from the shop until you can afford the rocket launcher. Once you have that it makes getting several other achievements much easier. Therefore unlocking additional shop items quicker. Speed runs are a breeze with the rocket launcher for example. It...
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    Doom Eternal Review-Bombed on Steam After Denuvo Anti-Cheat Inclusion in Update 1

    99% of the users whining likely don't even know why this is controversial to some and just jump on the bandwagon to feel like they are part of the crowd. this sort of feedback is always political. perhaps if there weren't cheaters and nefarious d-bags playing online games these services wouldn't...
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    No post on new Aorus Z390 master and 9900KF - Mobo LEDs flash white then turn off.

    I have the same board and the lights will come on/stay on when turning on the switch on the PSU only if the ERP setting is set accordingly....I think "enabled" means lights will stay off when it is powered off. There is nothing brand exclusive to this feature. It is meant to reduce any power...
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    Remasters that you would like to see?

    oh man I recall fond memories of Descent in the school computer lab too. us boys were always getting scolded for playing this game instead of actually following the typing course or whatever we were learning at the time LMAO. then every once in a blue moon the teacher would allow us to play if...
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    Resident Evil 4 Remake in the Works, Bound for 2022

    this Resident Evil fan knows all about them, but I think you misinterpreted what I meant. To clarify, I said HD REMASTERS RE1 and RE0 got HD Remasters, those are not remakes. Someone said they should remake RE1 like 2019 RE2 and 2020 RE3 I was commenting towards that idea....which if...
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    Resident Evil 4 Remake in the Works, Bound for 2022

    I am apparently the only person on planet earth who doesn't sing praise for RE4. I played it, did not beat it though. I was rubbed the wrong way coming from a longtime fan of the fixed camera angles, pre rendered backgrounds, tank controls. Though I really enjoy the ability to use the "modern"...
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    Does all 4k TVs support chroma 4.4.4 when using hdmi 2.0 cable ?

    it can vary TV to TV. best bet is to read up a review on a detailed site like www.rtings.com for the model you want to know more about Even some TV's with HDMI 2.0 can only show proper 4:4:4 at for example certain resolutions and/or refresh rates. For example, Samsung's NU8000 can do 4:4:4 at...