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    i didnt want to make another topic cause its kinda related but i found this. http://www.computeractive.co.uk/avg/index free! Edit: sry you didnt want avg, my bad ><
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    Bioshock help needed

    is the game patched up? i think the lastest patch is 1.1
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    Dell Adds High-resolution Displays for XPS M1530

    wow my friend just got his like a week ago and complained about the resolution. il tell him about this thanks.
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    Unreal Tournament 3 Smokes on my rig!

    he must be ballin' =P
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    8800GT scam?

    the title even says wholesale list >< always read carefully.
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    Duke Nukem Forever (no #%&@!!!!)

    he looks like a pumped up bruce willis in that pic lol
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    Nintendo Wii

    the wii is fun if u have friends and family to play with. once u get super smash bro brawl its gunna be more fun.
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    What MMO would you recommend

    cuz he like ancient warfare.
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    What MMO would you recommend

    try rappelz and last chaos and both are f2p i believe. those two are kinda medieval/roman i think. not sure if theres any big p2p mmos that are in the time period u like yet.
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    Too Human is looking mighty good now

    it looks like hellgate london. i hope theres tons of loot in that game.
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    Free Wow

    how many times you are gunna post this...
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    if you see a ATI 3850 or 3870 let me know they were launched today

    dang the dell offers i posted jacked up the price...geez
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    if you see a ATI 3850 or 3870 let me know they were launched today

    um not sure if this is a repost but dell offers them 3870 $207.43 http://accessories.us.dell.com/sna/products/games/productdetail.aspx?c=us&l=en&s=dhs&cs=19&sku=a1350903&dgc=CJ&cid=24471&lid=566643 3850 $160.03...
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    If this is official, then consider my life over

    hmm seems like theres no official confirmation yet. spellforce wasnt good imo.