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    What phone you use as your daily driver? And, a discussion of them.

    I use a 3rd gen iPhone SE. Normally I wouldn't consider an iPhone, but I ended up with this thing because I found an old mall gift card that had 200 bucks on it. I tried to spend it on other stuff in the mall, but most stores didn't accept it anymore. Only the Apple store still accepted the...
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    Air Cooling -- Myths and setup tips for the novice performance / gaming builder

    Probably a part of it is because tubes look cool. If the popularity of RGB is anything to go by, aesthetics do matter to a lot of people.
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    Air Cooling -- Myths and setup tips for the novice performance / gaming builder

    There actually is an advantage in some cases. Some ITX cases are pretty constrained around the CPU area, but have space for a radiator. A few examples: https://nzxt.com/product/h210 https://www.sliger.com/products/cases/sm570/
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    1st gen AMD Phenom X4 9600 acts up

    1st gen Phenoms ending in "00" instead of "50" are B2 stepping and have a TLB bug. The BIOS may have a setting for the workaround which disables the L3 cache. Give it a try if you haven't already.
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    Air Cooling -- Myths and setup tips for the novice performance / gaming builder

    Some pretty heavy copper coolers like the TRUE Copper (1900g *without* fan) worked alright, and as far as I know, no popular air cooler these days is anywhere near that heavy. Even big dual towers like the NH-D15 (1320g with fan) or the Deepcool Assassin III (1464g with fan) don't approach that...
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    My pc crashes games and sometimes bluescreens when playing games like pubg and apex and shatterline

    There's a good chance your PSU is crapping out. Your unit wasn't a particularly high quality unit even back in its day, but "its day" was 14 years ago. It has long outlived expectations.
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    Radeon extremely low market share, only 8% in Q3 2022?

    Frankly, there's nothing they can do at this point of the product cycle to make me buy a card. Prices have dropped to acceptable levels, but I don't actually "need" a new card yet, and the "want" part of brain says "I've waited this long, what's another few months for midrange RDNA3?"
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    When will 1440p be mainstream and commonly used?

    It probably won't be in the same way 1080p is/was, IMO. I see a stronger drive in consumer electronics to push 4k (4k tvs, 4k movies, 4k consoles...etc.), rather than 2k. 2k is higher resolution than 1080p, of course. ...so was the case for 900p screens vs 720p screens, but 900p wasn't exactly...
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    Problems with battery health (MSI GF65 9SEXR Thin)

    Could be the battery's pretty much had it, or the charging circuit on the battery has a problem. I wouldn't give the software health reading much faith. In my experience, software can say a battery's health is "good", but it's clearly not good in actual use. Software still says my smartphone...
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    5700X too much for Vetroo V5?

    It looks like a typical 120mm tower cooler. Should be fine for the 5700X.
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    should i cover unused HDMI or DP ports with their covers?

    I don't cover them, but I do keep the covers in the box in case I find some use for them later. Common levels of dust is inconsequential and very easy to clean off if you do happen to need to do that.
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    What are your idle and full load CPU temps?

    FWIW, my R5 3600 is currently loading at about 72°C doing F@H in a room that's about 20°C ambient. Cooling is a Thermalright Silver Arrow T8. It could be running cooler, but I sleep in the same room as my computer, so the fan isn't set to go super fast - just around 1200RPM. Idle temperatures...
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    Why does everyone hate the 4080?

    The 4080 is a good card, just a tad expensive. That's about the gist of it.
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    *Pop* goes the side panel (i.e. shattered tempered glass side panels)

    Damn, that's tragic. I've had too many tempered glass bowls, plates, and French presses suddenly go boom for me to trust a tempered glass table with anything important.
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    Hot CPUs and longevity

    It's far more likely some other component in the system will fail before the CPU does. I own some CPUs from the 80s and 90s that still work perfectly. (They don't see much use these days apart from scratching the odd nostalgic itch here and there, but they were used very regularly back in the...