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    [FS][US] [FS US] Intel Core i7 10700K

    Will consider serious offers.
  2. sneekypeet

    [FS][US] [FS US] Gigabyte GTX 2060 Super OC 8GB

    shoot me an offer ;)
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    Mic very quiet on Teams, Zoom - both laptop mic and Bluetooth headset mic

    I would guess, if you have a chanceof fixing it, it is chipset related. MEaning look up what the audio chip in the lenovo is, and hunt for a proper driver with some form of a software suite. May have better luck that route. Could simply be that both mics suck, but Im assuming at least the BT...
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    [FS][US] [FS US]AMD RYZEN 9 3900X

    Feel free to make offers on any of my listings.
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    AIO exhaust clearance needed-Question

    Might be easier if you link us to the chassis and the cooler you wish to use. If it says 3cm, you can do the math and see that many AIOs are 52mm thick with the fans installed. Only way I can see that working is if its ran passive, or you somehow move the rad or the fans outside of the case...
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    A case for. MSI P45D3 Platinum (MS-7513) motherboard

    It is a standard ATX motherboard, so any ATX spec chassis will do. It more depends on the cooler height, GPU used, and amount of storage needed as to what chassis suits the needs best.
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    Open hardware on motherboard box.

    I have to agree with IR. While Bill has the right ideas in a technical environment, and is the "proper" advice, many of us have "gotten away" with being much less careful. TBH, I would stay away from boxes with chromed/metallic lettering, but I always flipped them over if I needed a quick test...
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    Ddr4 vs ddr5

    A little of both ya.
  9. sneekypeet

    Ddr4 vs ddr5

    Keep in mind that with more speed should come more performance. The source you show does not apply to your situation as you are not looking for 4800C40. Also, while I have yet to test this myself, I am seeing that the 13-series performs slightly better than 12-series chips with RAM.
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    Ddr4 vs ddr5

    Check reviews for editing software benches. From my experience with DDR5, you can save quite a bit of time, which means more work can be done in the same period, which means more money in the end.
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    [FS][US] [FS US] Gigabyte GTX 2060 Super OC 8GB

    Selling my gently used 2060 Super OC. Spent life at stock clocks running benches. As usual, paypal preferred to anyone in the lower 48 Asking $250 Shipped.
  12. sneekypeet

    [FS][US] [FS US] Asus ROG Maximus XII Apex

    I have an APEX used to see how far DDR4 would go, otherwise gently used, and even with testing voltage was kept lower than what many would push with this motherboard. Prefer Paypal as the method of payment to the lower 48 Asking $175 Shipped.
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    [FS][US] [FS US] Intel Core i7 10700K

    For sale, one 10700K, which has run stock its entire life. Decent IMC too. Paypal preferred to the lower 48 for listed pricing. Asking $200 Shipped.
  14. sneekypeet

    Ghetto Mods

    Shit sorry, that one seems to be plastic, but may still work :( There is this, but it may be too small the one way. https://www.amazon.com/InWin-Aluminum-Gaming-BATMAT-RED/dp/B00OBA20WQ?th=1
  15. sneekypeet

    Ghetto Mods

    https://www.monoprice.com/product?p_id=36636 I see many searching large aluminum mouse pad, that link was one of the first.