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    MSI x99-a Godlike Gaming ram problems & error codes

    Run dual channel or a single stick to see BIOS version and such. X99 was sort of famous for this sort of behavior. I had a few new kits that I could never get to run in quad channel when testing DDR4. However, this was durrin teething issues of the BIOS versions. EDIT: dont even bother...
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    Mouse and keyboard

    I reviewed a ton of peripherals and all internally battery powered options used a two pin plug that is user friendly.
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    Mouse and keyboard

    Two things.... The batteries are replaceable, but you have to open the devices to do this. You can buy custom cables to fix the rigidity.
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    Keyboard sizes....

    PM a moderator, they can help with changes. As to the thread, I typically type witht he keyboard in my lap, laid back in my chair. Due to this,and my lack of using the number pad, I tend to go with TKLs. I have tried quite a few smaller models, but once you start double and triple layering...
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    Program for basic memory testing

    You use a spare drive, so if shit goes belly up with your kit, you do not destroy a good os. If you don't care to have to rebuild an os, test on whatever you want.
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    Program for basic memory testing

    I guess the real question is what are you doing with the rig? In the basic sense, sure, stable is stable. The reason I ask, is that memtest is a great option, but I have passed memtest then fried a socket on attempt into windows. (to be fair I was overclocking) I also know from a lot of testing...
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    [FS][US] [FS US]Corsair ICUE H150i ELITE LCD XT- SOLD

    Back on sale with a little price drop.
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    Memory SPD profile dump reader?

    Have yet to try the latest update. They do show DDR5 spec additions, so it may. I just started pulling spreaders because it took so long. Just grabbed the latest, and the readme says it will work, but you have to jigger some settings to make it run on 11 and set a bios feature to work with DDR5.
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    [FS][US] [FS US]Corsair ICUE H150i ELITE LCD XT- SOLD

    I'd like the room on my shelves back....make solid offer?
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    [FS][US] [FS US]Corsair ICUE H150i ELITE LCD XT- SOLD

    Selling one gently used Corsair AIO. Lower 48 and PayPal preferred. ASKING $120 Shipped.
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    Radiator Problem With My Soundcard

    Very close to what was used originally, and works well. Can be removed, although forcefully, but is near permanent for normal use.
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    He passed away a couple years back.

    He passed away a couple years back.
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    Recommend a keyboard.

    If you want your brain melted a little, go to mechanicalkeyboards.com (no plug, just a good selection in one spot) and have a look around. With your bugets, you could get some pretty strong options from many big names in the mechanical keyboard game. Just be sure you have an idea of what type of...