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    Speaker suggestions

    Hey guys! I want to get a speaker (or speakers) to play music. I play bass trombone, and would like to be able to turn it up pretty loud and play with it. I'm also looking for Bluetooth functionality, and it would be a plus if it had an FM tuner as well. Mobility will not really be an issue...
  2. Snipe343

    GTA5 for PC on Amazon.de!

    The fact it says Windows 7/Vista makes it seem like it possibly may not be legit (Unless they do not have Window 8 in Germany). Although it would be nice if they released it soon! XD
  3. Snipe343

    Best PSU for 60$ USD

    My Rosewill Hive has never given me any trouble, and it's modular which is always a plus.
  4. Snipe343

    Getting New Motherboard, Need Help!

    In regards to you saying you want it to be black, I love how my board looks. Very dark and cool looking. I couldn't tell you anything bad about it if I had to honestly. Plus like rtwjunkie said it's a breeze to overclock and customize. I'm curious to see what someone says about MSI so I'll for...
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    Looking to buy a new laptop. GPU related question.

    http://www.notebookcheck.net/Intel-HD-Graphics-4000.69168.0.html Down the page there are some benchmarks
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    Looking to buy a new laptop. GPU related question.

    I had tried out a G505 about a month ago. The case is kinda flimsy and made cracking noises when you opened it. Also Lenovo put a lot of unnecessary software that was annoying to take off. It ran WoW around 30fps on medium(dipped to low 20s a lot), I installed BF4 on it for fun to see what it...
  7. Snipe343

    new keyboard deffective!

    If you just got the keyboard and it's already having problems I would just RMA it if it were me. What keyboard is it?
  8. Snipe343

    Giveaway: Sleeping Dogs Steam Gifts (User-Donated)

    I want this game. Give it to me now!
  9. Snipe343

    GTA V for PC?

    If we got it on PC now, it would just be so superior on PC that no one would buy it for consoles. Which is why they wait to release it a while afterwards. That's totally true right? :P
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    MLC vs. TLC

    What is the difference between the two? I know they're multi level cell, and triple level cell. But I'm having a hard time finding/understanding what these mean in use. Also I've read that TLC doesn't last as long? Is that true and if so by how much in comparison to MLC? Thanks for any...
  11. Snipe343

    Gaming/Entertainment Laptop

    So I've been dying to get a laptop that could do some gaming and be able to watch some movies and fully enjoy them (I'll be downloading them from my desktop and such over wifi). so a 1920 x 1080 resolution is what I was looking for and I came across this Lenovo IdeaPad Y510p (59375625) Intel...
  12. Snipe343

    UPDATE: Which Linux flavor are you currently running?

    I really like this one. It's based off of Kubuntu, or so it says... http://hannahmontana.sourceforge.net/
  13. Snipe343

    Buzzing thru Speakers When gaming

    I had the happen for a good part of the year, I ended up using an hdmi for video and sound, and that got rid of it. Also my mouse being plugged into the back directly caused some of it, but if plugged in through my keyboard it's fine. I also had RMA'd the motherboard twice and the problem...
  14. Snipe343

    Hard Drive Upgrades

    What about the newer EVO drives from Samsung?
  15. Snipe343

    Hard Drive Upgrades

    Currently I'm running an old Seagate 250gb for my OS and games(a fantastic read average of 50mbps or something :banghead: ). And a 500gb drive I pulled out of some external, I think it's a WD, doesn't really matter because it's ancient as well, that's for movies and game storage that my 250...