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  • The reason i posted in the 9600 gt issue thread is that it comes up within google almost as the first choice when you type in 9600 gt problems i just wanted to help those who might be looking for issues with the 9600 i myself had found this thread this forum even while searching for info about my own problems with my 9600 so was just doing my part to pass the word to those who still have unsolved issues with the 9600. I also can now not post that the card is faulty and should be sent back to nvidia for replacement because the thread has been closed. anyways thanks?
    I'ev not been able to find it again : [

    It came up in google image search with " widescreen desktop backgrounds"
    happy new year solaris (would have done this the other day but been a little bit poorly )hope them plug ins are all good can't wait to get new rig soon to test all these goodies that are out there,soon very soon muahaha:toast:
    hi Dear Solaris ...
    how are u ?
    merry christmas :X

    i just wanted to take a look at my old friend ...

    oh by the way ... i still have that card and its doing well ...

    every time i start to playing a game it starts to making artifacts ! so i stop the fan by my finger and its heating up ... after few minutes ... it starts to work perfectly :D

    what a trick ... ha ? :D
    good good
    i can't wait till i have a new pc to try it out on as my ps2 is slowly getting more awkward every time i use it, i know the ps2 is old but sony's fingers up to everyone who bought a ps3 by not putting an emotion engine(or whatever it's called :laugh:)turned me away from it .
    oh well i'm still in process of looking for a case for the new build ,i've seen some nice ones (namely the antec 1200) but after some investigating found it hasn't got any holes in the bottom for the psu :wtf: even this aerocool cheapy has that :shadedshu never mind on with the search :);)
    :laugh: don't worry about it:)
    it was probably the mad max thing ;)
    hm i'm having a strange problem here if i go back to a word ,like say i missed m from missed when i go back to correct said mistake it erases the letter in front i'e mssed
    :confused::wtf: this doesn't happen very often but it's damned annoying when it does:rolleyes:
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