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    i9 build, need power supply advice

    Corsair rmx 2021 for the up to date platform and the overall great performance and top tier fan
  2. Solid State Soul ( SSS )

    Since when became 60fps gaming a must

    60fps isnt exclusive to pc, many console games since the plsystation2 were running at 60fps
  3. Solid State Soul ( SSS )

    Anyone like The Evil Within 2?

    Evil within 2 was great, one of my favorit horror games
  4. Solid State Soul ( SSS )

    Sony Electronics Debuts Two New Premium Music Players, Starting at US$1,399.99

    Most phones today have respectable audio quality, if not, i can buy a 30$ portable dac that should deliver great results, this is just another example of corporations exploting audophiles stupidness Agreed, for a long time i always told myself these audophiles cant be that stupid to fall for...
  5. Solid State Soul ( SSS )

    Capcom Announces Reimagined Resident Evil 4

    A 97 metacritic game, wtf were they thinking? Oh the humanity....
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    New Micron rams have rock solid stability and support across all motherboards vendors, am sure sk hynix are as such quality tho, but from what i'v seen i woudt hesitate to pick a micron ram, like a Curial ballistix
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    Codemasters show their true colors, brown, by abandoning Dirt series.

    Codemasters show their true colors, brown, by abandoning Dirt series. - "EA forces Codemasters to abandon Dirt series for a licensed game"* There, fixed the title for you :oops:
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    EVGA's just teasing me now. But for 1660S shoppers...

    Seeing you have an RX 470 i wouldn't upgrade now, its clear you dont have the income to buy expensive gpus, so paying so much for a 1660s when if you waited a little longer you could buy a much better GPU, maybe like a used rtx 3060 that would be a steal deal! RX 470 i great, its gtx 1050Ti...
  9. Solid State Soul ( SSS )

    NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4090/4080 to Feature up to 24 GB of GDDR6X Memory and 600 Watt Board Power

    Nvidia prioritize RT cores and Tensor core performance improvements over CUDA cores performance per watt, this is why since turning Nvidia cards consumes more and more power each gen, people want their rAyTrAcInG and dLsS.... well here you go, 600w GPUs son! They say that but they didint...
  10. Solid State Soul ( SSS )

    Intel Core i9-12900KS Starts Selling on Newegg for $799

    they're not unique, i bet if gamers nexus investigated every big PC supplier they would find things they don't like about it, its just the way those bushiness work, you deal with stupid consumers for long enough, you'd be forced to do things to not deal with them anymore
  11. Solid State Soul ( SSS )

    EVGA's just teasing me now. But for 1660S shoppers...

    Why not buy the RTX 3050, its gtx 1660 super performance with more ram and RT ampere features, its close to 1660 super msrp so whatever you end up paying, wouldn't be much higher than an inflated 1660 super
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    Tiny Tina's Wonderlands is Now Available Worldwide

    Story and writing of BL3 was not as great as 2, but its gameplay and quality of life features have dramatically improved, and lets be honest, we play looter shooters for the loot and gameplay not the story anyway, this is why BL2 was so critically acclaimed for its story, because no body...
  13. Solid State Soul ( SSS )

    Memtest86+ 6.00 Update Promised for This Summer

    Open sauce ?! No wonder why its results have been spilled all over the place for me, couldn't detect a faulty laptop ram for me that gave me windows errors, guess its only useful for ram overclocking stress test
  14. Solid State Soul ( SSS )

    What is the Series X GPU Relative to?

    Xbox series might have slightly higher core count, but the ps5 has higher clock speeds, and from what we'v seen so far in game performances, both can be good for the games that might benefit fro either, if anything to take from over a year of digital foundry reviews, both run game close to each...