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    SteelSeries Turns the Audio Dial to 11 with New Arena Speakers

    nothing on wattage prewired speakers are a big no. limits where you can place them. Stick to my edifier.
  2. Sp33d Junki3

    MONTECH Launches High Airflow ATX Case SKY ONE LITE with 3 pre-installed Fans

    The price it offers, included usbc is good. front center strip, how much block airflow?
  3. Sp33d Junki3

    Anker makes charging faster, smarter and greener with its new lineup of GaNPrime higher wattage charging solutions

    you can use faster charger, and your phone will only use the max speed the phone was rated for. EG: phone 20w, charger 65w. Phone will only use 20w max. Most electronics should have limits used.
  4. Sp33d Junki3

    Thermaltake Also Announces SWAFAN—Fans with Swappable Impellers

    Not only that, but also intake or exhaust too. Makes it easier to clean blades, rad. Overall good idea.
  5. Sp33d Junki3

    Thermaltake Also Announces SWAFAN—Fans with Swappable Impellers

    this should have been this way for all fans. Do not how many times the look of the back is just bad. Easier to clean.
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    DeepCool Announces LS Series AIO CPU Coolers

    Deepcool uses there own inhouse
  7. Sp33d Junki3

    DeepCool Announces LS Series AIO CPU Coolers

    Deepcool does not use asetek.
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    HYTE Launches Eclipse HG10 Headset Alongside New Flow FA12 Fans and PCIe4 Riser Cable

    Any headphone can use the Dolby Atmos on PC. 3 pack of fans for $25 Pricing for all those are great.
  9. Sp33d Junki3

    Diablo Immortal Unleashed on Mobile and PC

    P2W is so bad it is a joke. $10 to start a clan Enhanced daily rewards you pay for monthly. If you miss a day, you lose the reward. To even get max level and correct gear to even clear any dungeon, you need to pay. No way around it. The mats you get free a month is max 2-3. You need at least...
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    Watercool Presents New NF-A20 Fan in Cooperation With Noctua

    That is normal. Center is a hub to connect all four fans too.
  11. Sp33d Junki3

    HYTE Launches Y60 Mid-Tower PC Case - A New Angle on Design

    All metal, plastic is just the dust filters.
  12. Sp33d Junki3

    Fractal Launches Torrent Compact & Torrent Nano PC Cases

    you can surely can house all that inside.
  13. Sp33d Junki3

    Huntkey Releases 100 W GaN Fast Chargers to Satisfy Users' Multiple Charging Needs

    exactly same, havent heard from huntkey in long time. "leading power supplies manufacturer" that is a joke marketing BS lowest quality built garbage, doubt they have changed.
  14. Sp33d Junki3

    Edifier Now Shipping MP230, A CES 2022 Innovation Award Honoree Product

    That is a great price for what this offers. Love the look and hope to get one. I have R1280DB as my main TV audio. Fills the room.
  15. Sp33d Junki3

    Phanteks Announces Black Glacier One 240/280/360MP Halo AIO CPU Coolers

    Not some just cover. Its the Halo LED kit. The MP fans are not some cheapo.