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    Mouse mat matters??

    Regular wood is hard to maintain accuracy in games. FYI i just noticed that wireless mice works like crap on plastic pads.
  2. spearman914

    Artic Silver 5 vs CM Thermal Fusion 400!!!

    MX-2 for non-conductivity, and so easy to clean off with rubbing alcohol. Else leave the V8 stuff.
  3. spearman914

    Difficult decision...

    I'm on the intel side. Q9300 just like systemviper 4870 shadowfold Any 4+ star P45 mobo on egg. Go with brands like DFI/Gigabyte/Asus.
  4. spearman914

    will pc gaming become obsolete?

    PC gaming technology will be getting better just like consoles having internet. At least thats what i think. No wall of text here. :D
  5. spearman914

    Got my new computer / One Important Question

    9400GT 9500GT u can forget about. 8600gt will be a good boost in performance.
  6. spearman914

    Freestanding Cylinder Reservoir

    That reservoir looks unique!
  7. spearman914

    decent free anti-virus software

    avg is crap, it's just popular. Avast/AVIRA.
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    Crysis, is it still the hardest game on your system?

    uh crappy speakers maybe. :p
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    New goodies

    That is hawt!
  10. spearman914

    Crysis, is it still the hardest game on your system?

    he meant sound is a waste of time and performance, shadows is a waste of performance but not time.
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    Abit IP35V CPU Voltage Issue

    Uh reread it! it said he's using the newest
  12. spearman914

    NVIDIA Convinced by Board Partners Not to Rename 9800 GT to GTS 240

    Yay!!! No more renaming.
  13. spearman914

    Overclocking Q6600 + HD4830, advice needed

    akasa 967?? Never heard of that. Hope it performs well.
  14. spearman914

    CryEngine3 3-5 times Crysis

    dam now u made me impatient wolf! lol
  15. spearman914

    Re-engineered Battery Material Could Lead to Rapid Recharging of Many Devices

    yea coal is a bad idea to produce electricity. It's fcking up the ozone layer and letting more Ultraviolent rays from the sun which are cancerous rays. And we all know about global warming right, the more CO2 the hotter the temp.