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    DOOM Eternal Benchmark Test & Performance Analysis

    I can confirm with my own experience running doom on fx-6300+radeon r9 380 was more than just playable experience, especially on vulkan. I enjoyed the game a lot and will wait for decent discount on eternal. Proof:
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    Leopold FC660M how to use F9 to access the Bios?

    News from few days ago: https://www.techpowerup.com/264734/everest-sets-stretch-goal-for-a-midnight-black-edition-of-its-innovative-keyboard Fn' Fn abomination on normal keyboard. Few days ago i was browsing some online stores looking at keyboards and it is hard to find one without Fn key...
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    Leopold FC660M how to use F9 to access the Bios?

    It is not Fn+9, it is just F9. Fn key is an abomination which came from damned laptop keyboards. I wish keyboard manufacturers stop adding that dumb key onto normal keyboard layouts because it simply doesn't belong to normal keyboards.
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    Khronos Group Releases Vulkan Ray Tracing

    Pigs are beautiful animals, do not call them like that!
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    Khronos Group Releases Vulkan Ray Tracing

    For that we need proper hardware which is not available yet. RTX2xxx is too weak to offer visuals and framerate which you could call motion.
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    PS5 finally being showed off Tomorrow

    To be honest marketing of both consoles is wrong and nintendo is the best on this matter. Since ps3/xbox360 era both companies for some odd reason advertise their non-upgradeable systems as pc killers in terms of performance and visual quality which they never were and will never be. Nintendo...
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    Everest Sets Stretch Goal for a Midnight Black Edition of its Innovative Keyboard

    Has all features i need from keyboard but with two downsides: numpad as add-on (i may live with it) and these high a f keycaps make keyboard unusable to me.
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    3600x 3700x , 3800x vs 9900K for gaming

    If you are making decision between these and 9900k i would choose 3900x which is still cheaper than 9900k, has 12c/24t making it more powerful, more versatile cpu with platform which has much bigger upgrade options.
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    Can i install regular android apps on an android go?

    Personally i did buy this phone only to have a device for what it supposed to be made for: phone calls and sms, internet features are far aside thing for me. I do not even know how much ram this device has, simply i do not care. Anyway i have few applications installed on it: opera touch...
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    Laptop for video editing - recommendations?

    The most important question here is: does it really have to be a laptop?
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    Some games are crashing on my PC

    Amount of ram is not a problem. 8GB may be not enough in some games at some settings but this alone can't be reason for games crashing. In the worst case you would be getting stuttering caused by insufficient amount of ram, in such situation you need to lower some settings to free up some ram...
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    Running into big time issues with PC

    First of all list pc specification: cpu, gpu, psu, drives, motherboard, ram, since you mentioned possible problems with temperature please also add to it pc case model and cooling in use on cpu and in a pc case (fans, number of them, their configuration and so on). Software side go to event...
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    AMD Releases the Radeon Adrenalin Edition 20.2.2 Drivers

    Yes, i saw changelog but did you try it on your own gpu and game didn't launch for you? If yes then did you try on other driver version or have you tried to troubleshoot by following error code which you can find in event viewer? Changelog says "doom may..." so it means it doesn't have to have...
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    AMD Releases the Radeon Adrenalin Edition 20.2.2 Drivers

    Could you provide more details on that? As i hear about it for the first time and i'm genuinely curious.
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    Western Digital WD2003FYYS RE4 Hard Drive 2TB 7200RPM 3.5" Internal SATA WD? Are these any good Sata drive

    This drive is a decent enterprise grade hdd. All depends on if you are buying it new or used. If new then all will be fine, if used then there is a lot of factors to consider: age, hours used, if it comes with any warranty from a seller, if it is still on WD's warranty and so on.