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    SilentiumPC Fera 5 & Fera 5 Dual Fan

    Something being cheap doesn't mean it is bad. On a lot of bigger brands you are paying the premium on the logo on it, not the materials used. The dual fan over my end is about 5USD more expensive. If you want you can have a back up fan for 5 bucks or use it with two fans.
  2. sutyi

    Sapphire Radeon RX 6600 XT Pulse OC

    I'm sorry to break it to you bud, but that price-performance line basically stayed the same since 2016 except for some outliers, namely the GTX1660S and the RX 5600 XT. They are charging 400USD for this card because they can in this market. However it will and up 1.3-1.5x over MSRP anyway.
  3. sutyi

    AMD Radeon RX 6600 XT Arrives this August

    Potential NAVI22XL (6700 nonXT) should be 399MSRP... at this price a NAVI23XT (6600XT) with 8GB VRAM is DOA. This should be a sub 329USD card. Smaller die size and less complex PCB compared to an RTX 3060.
  4. sutyi

    Elon Musk Demoes "PS5-level Performance" of the AMD-powered Model S In-Dash Game Console

    ~55.000 Model S were produced last year. Not really substantial number for NAVI 23 chip size, although I do not now how many new Model S models are projected to be manufactured this year. Calculating with 2020 production numbers, it would amount to about 250 wafers of NAVI23 going to TESLA...
  5. sutyi

    AMD Announces Radeon PRO W6000 Series Professional Graphics Cards Based on RDNA2

    It has 32MB Infinity Cache to help with the memory bandwidth, so in most applications it should be pretty much on par with the W5700. Not sure how does it compare in high resolution or memory intensive computation that you have to wait for.
  6. sutyi

    AMD Announces FidelityFX Super Resolution (FSR), its DLSS-rival

    ...as with everything ever a company says take it with a pinch of salt. Wait till the first 3rd party techpress reviews are out and see what's what. FSR is great cause it is basically hardware agnostic only needs baseline Compute Shader 5.0 and DirectML capable GPU to work. Basically any...
  7. sutyi

    Intel Launches 10nm "Tiger Lake" Desktop Processors

    Up TDP-d mobile chips on BGA. Probably made for some SFF/Thin client stuff for OEMs.
  8. sutyi

    Xiaomi no Longer Blacklisted by the US Government

    Unlock bootloader, slap on a backed ROM. Pixel Experience ROMs are usually well maintained and problem free for most Xiaomi devices.
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    AMD Radeon RX 6600 XT, 6600 to Feature Navi 23 Chip With up to 2048 Stream Processors

    6600XT probably is cranked up right to the edge, should land in the neighborhood of 2.8-2.9GHz boost clock on the better AIB partner cards.
  10. sutyi

    Russia Develops First Domestic B450 Motherboard

    Seems to be the case. Got no solid info on the matter sadly, I just recognized the familiar heat-sinks over the VRM.
  11. sutyi

    Russia Develops First Domestic B450 Motherboard

    It just an ASRock B450M Pro4/Pro4-F without the branding...
  12. sutyi

    Fractal releases Ion Gold PSU Series

    Good news. I'm guessing these should land in the same price bracket as Seasonic Focus GX series or slightly below due to the lower warranty. If these are like the Platinum series with slight modifications then these should be recommendable. Waiting for reviews tho.
  13. sutyi

    Pulsar Xlite

    Is the interior any different compared to the regular G Pro?
  14. sutyi

    Global Chip Shortage Takes Another Toll... Now Your Home Router?

    More likely the case of lots of people stuck at home with Home Office and Home Schooling finding that their old or ISP provided WiFi router is inadequate for the job of supplying stable connection for 6+ devices the whole day.
  15. sutyi

    SilentiumPC Announces Fera 5 & Fera 5 Dual Fan CPU Coolers

    These seem like a good competition and alternative to Arctic's Freezer 34 series. 6 year warranty too. No too shabby for the price imo.