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    Gigabyte B650 AM5 Motherboard Joins the $125 Crowd

    The VRMs are partially heatsinked, and from there we can see that they're using discrete MOSFETs instead of proper DrMOS power stages. Also, the I/O options are relatively spartan and the M.2 SSD locations are questionable at best. Another thing is that they don't even see fit to list what...
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    PNY Intros GeForce RTX 4070 Ti Verto White Edition

    Maybe it'll only count as 3/5ths of a GPU in the Steam Hardware Survey...
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    NVIDIA generational naming?

    But does anyone believe that it was named after Pierre? I don't think so.
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    NVIDIA generational naming?

    I wouldn't chalk it up to merely pandering to the current cultural climate, as NVIDIA named an architecture after Marie Curie almost 20 years ago. Given NVIDIA's naming criteria (i.e. historically significant physical scientists and/or engineers) I'd say that having two out of 14 architecture...
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    AMD Announces Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Bundle with Ryzen 7000-series CPUs

    Intel was giving away codes to that Avengers looter-shooter game (which was relatively new at the time) when I bought my Core i7-10700 back in late 2020, and the first thing I did when I got it was to sell the code on Reddit for like $25. So in my case it was like getting a discount, but with...
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    INNO3D GEFORCE RTX 4090 ICHILL X3 - Cant unlock power limit over 100%

    According to KitGuru's review of the Inno3D X3 version of the RTX 4090, the maximum power limit on that particular model is hard-locked in VBIOS at 100% (i.e. 450w) and cannot be raised higher than that.
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    Which Hardware Defines PC the most?

    I would maintain that the motherboard chipset (e.g. AMD B550, Intel Z690, etc.) is the most meaningful piece of identification as that pretty much determines everything else including the CPU brand/socket.
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    Intel Core i9-13900K "Raptor Lake" Retail Box Snapped: Keeps the Wafer, Loses the Bulk

    Good. There's literally no rational reason for making cube-shaped boxes for SKUs that don't even come with a HSF to begin with.
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    COLORFUL Launches CVN B660I Mini-ITX Motherboards

    True. The numbers on carriers are usually taller and don't have nearly as thick of drop-shadows.
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    COLORFUL Launches CVN B660I Mini-ITX Motherboards

    That's not a "sportsball" reference, but rather a aircraft carrier deck number. The "CVN" designation (i.e. Aircraft Carrier, Nuclear) kinda gives it away.
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    3.5" HDD's...aren't

    Better not tell him about 2x4 lumber...
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    IBASE Announces the MBB-1000 Socket LGA1700 Motherboard

    Definitely 2x 9-pin serial.
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    GPU database showing card sizes?

    I know that MSI routinely lists their cards' weights (both bare and packaged) in their respective specs pages such as this one for the 3080 Gaming Z Trio, but I don't think any other AIB partners follow that practice in full. ASRock does list a "net weight" for some of their newer 6x50 cards...
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    Why a good decent card is abandoned??

    Crossfire uses "mirrored" VRAM, so both GPUs would have the same data in their respective 4GB buffers.
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    Several European Countries to Miss Diablo Immortal Over Lootbox Regulations

    Isn't Blizzard already obeying said national laws by not officially offering Diablo Immortal in those countries? If a company doesn't want to change their product as to cater to various countries' laws then there's no viable method to force them to do so.