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    COLORFUL Launches CVN B660I Mini-ITX Motherboards

    True. The numbers on carriers are usually taller and don't have nearly as thick of drop-shadows.
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    COLORFUL Launches CVN B660I Mini-ITX Motherboards

    That's not a "sportsball" reference, but rather a aircraft carrier deck number. The "CVN" designation (i.e. Aircraft Carrier, Nuclear) kinda gives it away.
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    3.5" HDD's...aren't

    Better not tell him about 2x4 lumber...
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    IBASE Announces the MBB-1000 Socket LGA1700 Motherboard

    Definitely 2x 9-pin serial.
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    GPU database showing card sizes?

    I know that MSI routinely lists their cards' weights (both bare and packaged) in their respective specs pages such as this one for the 3080 Gaming Z Trio, but I don't think any other AIB partners follow that practice in full. ASRock does list a "net weight" for some of their newer 6x50 cards...
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    Why a good decent card is abandoned??

    Crossfire uses "mirrored" VRAM, so both GPUs would have the same data in their respective 4GB buffers.
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    Several European Countries to Miss Diablo Immortal Over Lootbox Regulations

    Isn't Blizzard already obeying said national laws by not officially offering Diablo Immortal in those countries? If a company doesn't want to change their product as to cater to various countries' laws then there's no viable method to force them to do so.
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    Question about Latency DDR4 3200

    I'm running a Core i7-10700 (non-K) and 4x8GB of DDR4-3200 CL16 memory and its latency is 51.7 nanoseconds, which is probably within the margin of error of your 53.3 nanoseconds.
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    K series chips with B series boards?

    There are some chipset-based limitations, but in terms of CPU performance running a 12600K on something like a MSI B660 Tomahawk WiFi DDR4 wouldn't be any different than a Z690 board at stock clocks.
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    G.SKILL Trident Z5 RGB and Ripjaws S5 Series DDR5 Memory Receive Red Dot Design Award 2022

    I think the red accent looks OK on the white variant, but not so much on the black one.
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    What was your first PC?

    My first computer was a DEC Starion (back when Digital did consumer PCs) containing a Pentium 75MHz with "S3 Trio 32" graphics.