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    ASUS Intros RT-AX89X AX6000 Gaming Router with Dual 10GbE Ports

    I must admit, I went with the winged style Nighthawk one purely for aesthetics - despite it being pretty much out of view. These spider-like ones are just too ugly.
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    HiFiMAN Deva with Bluemini

    Ive used a pair of Sundaras for over a year and a pair of Anandas for about a year and they are both as good as the day I got them. It was mainly the models with the plastic hinges that were terrible for breaking. I dont know who thought that was a good idea, but if you see any brand using thin...
  3. swirl09

    CD Projekt Red Releases Latest Cyberpunk 2077 Trailer Featuring DLSS 2.0 & Ray Tracing

    That is an obnoxious amount of chromatic aberration.
  4. swirl09

    Assassin's Creed Valhalla Announcement Trailer Released

    Looks amazing! Cant wait.
  5. swirl09

    Apple's A12Z SoC Features the Same A12X Silicon

    I literally just got it for Wifi6, I might be annoyed if one does launch in Oct with a new chip, the rumour was just regarding the display. My 1st gen is still working fine, but streaming games via Steam app just needed a little more help.
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    StarVR One VR Headset Now Available for Purchase

    There is a little Korean startup you should look out for, I cant think of the name of it - maybe someone else knows, but they sold a not terrible HMD for just over 200 bucks (US). I mean, there are only so many notches left on the price slider before you hit "sellotaped to the side of a cereal box."
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    Newegg Offering Free Face Masks with All US Orders

    What a great PR move. Most places with spare inventory donate them to hospitals. I assume these are junk then, so this is a twofer.
  8. swirl09

    Cyberpunk 2077 Delayed Five Months to September 2020

    Its a LOT harder to recover from a bad launch than it is to delay something til its actually ready. So this is the right call. It was my plan anyway, so this has probably just flipped the order they come in. Also, I think we all know this will be a large game. Some folks with poop internet...
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    Intel Unveils Xe DG1-SDV Graphics Card, Demonstrates Intent to Seriously Compete in the Gaming Space

    I dont think anyone is that pushed with RT yet to make it something people need to chase, and I dont think 4K60 at a grand is a great bar either. Those GPUs will likely be 3 and a half and 2 years old respectively by the time something is launched, so I dont want to know about "competes with", I...
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    NVIDIA Announces GeForce v441.87 CES Game Ready Driver with New Features and "Youngblood" RTX

    VRSS does look sweet. I usually play at 120Hz, with just the odd switch down/up depending on the game (Euro Truck 90Hz, Beat Saber 144Hz, etc). While its a much improved situation over the early days of taking off and on your HMD to fiddle with settings and do restarts, being able to adjust both...
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    AMD Could Launch Next Generation RDNA 2 GPUs at CES 2020

    I REALLY would love to buy a monster GPU from AMD. The R7 was DOA, but considering what it was built on, it was what it was. Navi is decent, so can you imagine a refined XL version? RX6900? Count me in ;)
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    PC Version of Red Dead Redemption 2 now Available for Pre-Order

    I dont even think the 2080ti is worth it, so I certainly wont be buying a Titan XD
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    PC Version of Red Dead Redemption 2 now Available for Pre-Order

    Did the consoles not have HDR? Am surprised by this since they have been on top of it better than the PC space. Altho I do hope they managed to do a better job with it than what I experienced with RDR1, it was so badly implemented in that game that it is literally the only time Ive ever had to...
  14. swirl09

    Control Benchmark Test & RTX Performance Analysis

    RTX looks very nice in this title. But the performance cost, as ever, is too great for what you get. Im still glad its there, and that with a nice amount of options you can get it to run at your desired fps. I would much rather devs put in this amount of detail and options so that the user can...
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    Ghost Recon Breakpoint PC System Requirements Revealed

    "1080p thru 2K" ^.^ I really like how Ubisoft does these system requirements. The amount of games that dont bother giving an AMD equivalent, or a recommended (or worse, Ive seen recommended specs with lesser parts than the minimum), or what setting its for etc., is very common on steam now...