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    Samsung to Unveil 4+4 Core big.LITTLE Processor in 2013

    Android. Being based of linux the more cores you throw at it the better the system should run.... Not sure why you would need 4 or more for a mobile device .... And possibly Ios Not sure about windows RT.
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    StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm Infests Stores March 12, 2013

    After starcraft 2 and what blizzard activision did to wow I think ill pass. I paid $80 for 1/3 of the star craft game now they want another $80 for the next 3rd. And since there is no lan support its not worth buying. Its not like blizzard have come up with a new idea in 15 years
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    No DirectX 11.1 for Windows 7?

    Oh No's you have to upgrade to Windows 8 for Direct X 11.1 There are like 30 games that use Direct X 11 and most of them suck. They may look great but are not fun at all. I still play dos games because they are fun. There are how many games that use Direct X 11.1 ... I like what Microsoft...
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    Haswell-ULT Processors Could Use 24 MHz BClk, New C-States, and MCM to Cut Power Draw

    Intel bought so many other companies for there intellectual property - DEC alpha is one. - Cray interconnects And there video chips where also owned by another company thus why they can't make decent drivers for them. real 3d i think ...
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    What are your plans for Windows 8 ?

    Finally someone that has said it how it is. Windows 95 bought the start menu - some dos modes and other stuff I cannot remember. Windows 98 bought fat 32 and better networking Windows ME was a steaming pile of crap for people who had no idea it may have looked better but performed worse...
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    Apple May Ditch Intel for CPUs in Macs, But It's Not Over to AMD

    It would be nice to see a desktop ARM based computer come out that doesn't suck. Has 2 sata ports and expendable ram. Ive played with a few ACORN risc machines they where pretty snappy.From what I can gather they cane out around the same time as the 486. Fast forward from 1995 to know...
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    Steam for Linux Beta Now Available

    Nice just in time for windows 8 comming out. Hopefully there are more games before windows 7 gets phased out ... Linux + games = no reason to run windows.
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    What are your plans for Windows 8 ?

    metro reminds me of Unity. And I hate unity. So i went to Lubuntu.. Since I still like to game ill stick with windows 7 ....
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    No PC Version of GTA V At Launch: Rockstar

    GTA 4 looked good but the engine was a steaming pile of crap. so GTA 5 will also be a steaming pile.
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    ASRock Launches the Z77 Extreme6/TB4 Motherboard with Thunderbolt

    Just like: firewire did? As well as Power PC CPU's for the desktop Have taken off?
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    ASRock Announces A Pair of New Socket FM2 Motherboards

    Nice 4 port SATA 3 and a PCI-e slot. Would make for a nice nas with a decent PCI-E raid card :-)
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    Windows 8 Arrives

    False. Windows Me was 5% to 25% worse than windows 98. I wrote a comparison. Even games such as Half Life ran slighlty worse on windows ME. Windows 98Se was awesome in the days. As for windows 8 its just another reason to duel boot. Run linux as the main OS and windows 7 to play games.
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    Apple Announces 7.9-inch iPad Mini

    So there is a Samsung Glaxay Tab 2 7inch which is cheaper and better ... Or I can get a Google Android thing :P Apple seems to have missed the mark with the IpadMini
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    Windows 8 Gets "Overwhelmingly Negative" Response from Vendors, Expectations Plummet

    Windows 8 is a great thing. If its half as crap as windows Vista it will mean more uses will try other options. Mac OS and or Linux. A few people I know left windows behind after windows Vista and now run Desktop BSD and or Debian etc. So don't look at windows 8 as a steaming pile of ...
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    Xi3 Corp. Intros Two New Xi3 Modular Computers, Cuts Price of Older Model

    So its a small modular X86 Pc? More powerful than a Via ? Pittiy its not arm based with 6 sata ports