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    Wanted: Stock LN2 BIOS for ASUS Matrix 980 Ti Platinum

    LN2 BIOS uploaded: http://www.techpowerup.com/vgabios/181325/181325.html
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    Radeon X800 Voltmods

    I'm confused as well... According to Samsung: "Under all conditions, VDDQ must be less than or equal to VDD" However, W1zzard and other experts have stated that VDDQ should measure higher than VDD on the X800's - and this is indeed the case on my MSI Pro VIVO. This would also mean ATI's...
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    Radeon X800 Voltmods

    NP ;) Please note the maximum frequency of 700mhz specified is in reference to the GC-14 (14ns) version. Maximum frequency for the GC-16 (16ns) memory used in most VIVO's, XT's and all XTPE's is rated at 600mhz.
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    Radeon X800 Voltmods

    EZ...does not mean you should run it 24/7 at this max voltage as recommended operating voltage is only 2.0+/-0.1V. BTW, great clocks and nice 3DMark :)
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    Radeon X800 Voltmods

    Absolute max voltage for VDD and VDDQ as quoted in Samsung Spec is 2.5V.
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    SUPER werid problem with the X800 *pics* HELP

    Read somewhere this is a programming bug that Ubisoft is aware of. Simple workaround - go into Advance Options under Video Options in the game menu and change Shadow Quality setting to Medium. Hope this helps.