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    AMD Radeon Pro Vega Graphics Coming to MacBook Pro Next Month

    This is not true. You're confusing it with Vega 20 die codename for machine learning, the first 7nm GPU that will come to maker later this year as Lisa Su specified a few days ago. This is Vega 20 SKU for consumers which is built on 14nm as it's specified on AMD's website. This was...
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    AMD Zen 2 Offers a 13% IPC Gain over Zen+, 16% over Zen 1

    Incorrect. EPYC 2 is not coming in 2018. AMD said multiple times that EPYC 2 is coming to market in 2019. It's sampling for partners (Dell, HP, Microsoft, board makers etc) in 2H 2018.
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    TSMC 7 nm Second-Generation EUV Chips Taped Out, 5 nm Risk Production in April 2019

    What about what I said about 5nm high volume production? The article is still misleading!!! Here's a quote from the source: Risk production starts a year before mass production. Dude, you should now this stuff by now because you're many years in the game. Step it up!
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    TSMC 7 nm Second-Generation EUV Chips Taped Out, 5 nm Risk Production in April 2019

    5 nm RISK Production in April 2019 It's not HVM (High Volume Manufacturing), it's risk production where each IC manufacturer makes a few hundred test wafers to test the final silicon in their labs and to sample its partners that integrate it in their products. We won't see 5nm HVM until Q2...
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    AMD Introduces Dynamic Local Mode for Threadripper: up to 47% Performance Gain

    Regular Ryzen CPUs don't need this. This optimization is useless because Regular Ryzen CPUs only use just a die.
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    AMD Fast-tracks 7nm "Navi" GPU to Late-2018 Alongside "Zen 2" CPU

    Reading comprehension. Someone needs it. :D 1. AMD doesn't say Navi is coming late 2018. They're talking about Vega (20) on 7nm (MI Instinct) that we already know about for many months. 2. Zen 2 isn't coming in 2018, but 2019 as AMD clearly says in the press release. Ruff weekend, eh?
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    Intel Shelves Z390 Express As We Knew It, Could Re-brand Z370 as Z390

    About a month ago Steve from GamersNexus said he has info from inside AMD that Z490 was axed.
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    Samsung, Micron, and Hynix Reportedly Slapped with Colossal Antitrust Fines

    You headline says the companies were fined, but your contents doesn't touch this topic. Your source, Digitimes, said that they could be fined. Were they fine of not? Which one is it?! Journalism these days...
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    AMD Readies Athlon 200GE and Athlon Pro 200GE: First Athlon Branded "Zen"

    35W for a dual-core socketed CPU in a laptop is a terrible idea. Desktop CPU versions (65W, 95W) are used in laptops for big beefy gaming laptops, not a tiny dual-core Athlon. There's no incentive for a OEM to use this puny socketed CPU in a laptop when there are better mobile AMD versions on...
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    First Benchmarks, CPU-Z Screenshots of AMD Ryzen Threadripper 32-core CPU Surface

    This won't exist because you can't have symmetrical asymmetrical CCXs.
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    AMD Readies Athlon 200GE and Athlon Pro 200GE: First Athlon Branded "Zen"

    These CPUs are for desktops.
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    AMD B450 Mid-range Chipset Detailed

    These slides have been leaked since March 7th, are old and things changed since then. Source. AMD did not "detail" anything publicly/officially.
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    TechPowerUp Releases GPU-Z v2.9.0

    This is the first time I'm seeing this product codename. Are you sure it's Stoney Ridge instead? Why?