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    Do you use Linux?

    Mini-pc HP: dual boot Ubuntu LTS 22.04.1 + Win 11 Pro Emergency mini-pc: Opensuse Leaf 15.4 If only there were native DRM support for our beloved streaming services (no hd support :-\ ) ...
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    What was your AM4 experience?

    Ryzen 5 2600x on Asrock B450M Steel Legend Almost 3 year without issue. Next upgrade: Ryzen 5/7 5000 Series
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    What display resolution are you using?

    Samsung 34" 3440x1440 100Hz here :)
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    What phone you use as your daily driver? And, a discussion of them.

    S20 Fe (personal) A40 (work) Iphone Se 1st gen (backup)
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    SOLVED: DCH Nvidia Control Panel Not Loading: Nightmare Scenario: Nvidia moves to DCH/Microsoft Store only

    I always do a clean install (and deselect geforce experience app) with the geforce.com drivers package: Nvidia control panel always load fine
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    cheapest machine that can finely run w10?

    I'm using Win 10 Pro on an AMD FX8320/16GB DDR3/SSD and an Asus M5A97Evo R2. Piared with a GTX760, everything works perfectly. Well, this is a back-up rig.
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    GIGABYTE Launches BRIX Desktops Powered by "Jasper Lake" Pentium Silver and Celeron

    Perfect for a Nextcloud Home instance
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    What's your latest tech purchase?

    Man, the FE is absolutely beautiful :respect::respect::cry:
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    The Ampere owners club - 30xx series

    You are right, KFA2 is the ITA/EU brand name for Galax. Card assembly is pretty solid and it's very quiet under load. ATM I'm playing Rise of the Tomb Raider and Need for Speed Heat, both over 70-100fps @Ultra setting (3440x1440 34" freesync monitor).
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    Rtx 3060 ti power supply?

    Absolutely correct, I was just curious to see if my old 500W (decent at time) psu was enought with a balanced rtx 3060ti build. After that, gpu will come back to my main r5 2600x rig (and a less old RM650 psu) :cool: Btw thanks for your advice.
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    What's your latest tech purchase?

    This case is simply impressive, period. o_O
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    Rtx 3060 ti power supply?

    Yesterday I built a secondary system with some component laying around the room. Final config: - i5 8600k stock - Z370P D3 Gigabyte - 16GB DDR4 2400 - SSD 500GB - 2TB HDD - Sound Blaster Z - RTX 3060Ti (temporary moved for testing purpose) - OCZ ModXstream 500W semi-modular (I know, it's a near...
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    What's your latest tech purchase?

    KFA2 RTX 3060Ti
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    Rtx 3060 ti power supply?

    FYI my system run: - Asrock B450M - Ryzen 5 2600x @stock - 2x8GB DDR4 3000 - KFA2 RTX 3060Ti (single 8pin - https://www.kfa2.com/kfa2/graphics-card/30-series/geforce-rtx-3060ti-oc.html) - 500GB SSD - 1TB HDD on a 7 years old Corsair RM650 psu