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    eVGA GTX1080 FTW > RTX2080 worth it?

    to rtx 2080 - not worth upgrade. if you will sell your gtx 1080 used, then you will have to add +400$ to that money for only 30% performance increase.... it is not worth hassle and cost by any means in my books. now that we know RayTracing is and will not usable even on rtx 2080 ti - you can...
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    Bethesda Continues to Struggle With Fallout 76, Refunds Now a Possibility

    good, I hope Bethesda will have their lesson and will quit the shenanigans when the Elderscrolls release will come.
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    SSDs Are Cheaper Than Ever, Hit the Magic 10 Cents Per Gigabyte Threshold

    good, soon every cheapo PC will have 500GB SSD as a OS drive and we can end discussion about - do we need it, how much it cost, how much space we need and etc. I hope, that HDDs will also go down, because there is no movement for several years, 1TB (if take 4 - 8 TB drive) of standard HDD cost...
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    Hodlers Dump Crypto for X'mas? ETH and BTC at Yearly Lows

    good, when btc and eth will cost around 1/10 of current price - I might buy some for longterm hold, lets hope it will hapen in next 52 weeks (and lets hope eth will be alive at that point :D). "Across the board, new graphics card prices are at record lows for the yea " - duhh... but I just red...
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    AMD Share Price Falls ~28% via Weak GPU Sales; Revenue Share from GPUs Only 30%

    this is not how stock market works. first you must look at SP500 (the benchmark) and that did a -3.0% yesterday (that is HUGE) and not because of AMD. so all tech companies must and did worse than -3.0% - aapl, msft, intc (you name it) - all did a -5.0% and in days like these any news (good or...
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    NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070 Founders Edition

    stop putting those RayTracing and DSLL hopes in positives, because even from nvidias benchmarks - Raytracing is not playable on rtx 2080 ti (unless you count 30-60fps on fullhd playable on 1250$ gpu in 2019 ?) and DLSS is the same when you would reduce the rendered resolution (same performance...
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    Remedy Shows The Preliminary Cost of NVIDIA RTX Ray Tracing Effects in Performance

    as it was stated multiple times - by the time RayTracing(hybrid) will be an usable option in games - RTX 2080ti will have inadequate performance and will be obsoleted by next generations (stated - not by nivdia of corse :D)... and some people try to justify RTX 20xx prices just because "some...
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    NVIDIA Readies TU104-based GeForce RTX 2070 Ti

    it is pointless - because it is gtx 1080 performance for almost gtx 1080 ti price... how is than not pointless card? all reviews quote the MSRP price "499$" - even though it never will be seen in wild. That is all nividia wanted - people like you see: "+5% vs gtx 1080", see the "499$" add to...
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    Alleged AMD RX 590 3D Mark Time Spy Scores Surface

    "590" :confused: .... and then "570" will be "575"? another Polaris rebadge is coming, but I doubt that it will be called 59x, I would bet it would go even higher than 6xx, because it is actually a refresh (not like was the 5xx vs 4xx)
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    AMD Could Cut Prices of 2nd Gen Ryzen "Pinnacle Ridge" Processors

    amd's Ryzen at this point has so good value - that you even can grab R7 2700X + mobo + cooler use and abuse it and after 1+ year when you feel like upgrade again - you can throw it in the bin or give your kidds to play with - and still loose much less than buying mainstream intel i7 and selling...
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    TSMC 7 nm Second-Generation EUV Chips Taped Out, 5 nm Risk Production in April 2019

    Wizz - please clarify or fix that 7nm Nvidia RTX - or some tech reporters will start to multiplicate and runaway with this info. maybe I can fix it for you: "Nvida RTX 5nm in April 2019, Confirmed!" :D
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    Gigabyte GeForce RTX 2080 Gaming OC 8 GB

    in conclusion in negatives: "High non-gaming power consumption (fixable, says NVIDIA)" - how is part about "fixable" working out so far? not enough time, huh? when it is time to drop that "fixable"?
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    Core i7-8700K Now at $400 as Intel CPU Prices Continue to Boil

    good! more and more peeps will be "forced" to buy a better and cheaper AMD cpus and Laptop/PC manufacturers will be "forced" to do the same. And then when intel finally will solve this mess and prices will come back to normal market will be close to 50:50, intel will have way less leverage over...
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    The Witcher Author Andrzej Sapkowski Gets Sellers' Remorse, Wants $16 million from CD Projekt Red

    I hope CDPR will give him 0,00$, because they owe him nothing, in fact CDPR is what brought to daylight Witcher books that brought him lot of coin. that being said, I do hope CDPR will sign with him some sort of new contract (with lot of zeros in "$" cell) for future, not that CDPR need it, but...
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    Intel HEDT Platform to be Forked into Z399 and X599

    wake me up when 28 core xeons cost sub 3000$. that would be x3 price reductions from existing ones and it would require something revolutionary form intel side to accomplish (and no - chiller PR stunts do reduce temps by x3 not the price).