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    GIGABYTE Readies Out GeForce RTX 2060 Gaming OC Pro White

    Yah, I get kinda pissed when I read "white" only to find that the PCB is still black. :(
  2. THE_EGG

    Corsair Carbide 275Q Silent Mid-tower Generally Available

    There's a sound dampening panel for the top :) Though this can be removed for better cooling if needed.
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    CPU Heatsink Opinions

    Scythe is a negatory :( no suppliers
  4. THE_EGG

    CPU Heatsink Opinions

    PSU is OK (i thought it might be the PSU too) as I've tested it outside of the case - doesn't even get warm. The problem is that I only have 1 120mm exhaust fan which doesn't cut it and because of this, the hot air from the GPU and CPU can't escape well enough and is forced to go through the...
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    CPU Heatsink Opinions

    Hey peeps, I have a Corsair 280X case on order as my In Win 301 just isn't cutting for cooling :( . My PSU is getting cooked - almost too hot to touch. I've tried many different fan layouts and adding/removing case fans with limited improvements. I currently use a Noctua D15S and have added a...
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    LUCIDSOUND Ships LS31 Wireless Gaming Headset for PS4, Xbox One, and PC

    Yep, happened to my LS40 too :( I'm scared to use them now in case they fully snap....
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    ASRock Launches The Outstanding Intel Z390 Motherboards with Phantom Gaming Series

    I believe there's an ASUS ROG Gene coming back for Z390. Should be good.
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    AMD 7nm "Vega" by December, Not a Die-shrink of "Vega 10"

    Yep, I was so sad when I saw $1899 for the Ti :cry: Retail pricing for AIB cards isn't looking much better either....
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    Your PC ATM

    I like how you updated your system specs hahahaha xD
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    From ryzen to intel i5 8600k

    Tbh I think you're better off staying with what you have. I believe what you have is buyer's remorse / the grass is always greener (or in this case bluer xD) on the other side. I thought the same when I got my 7700k in July last year - "should I have gone Ryzen 1700x or Intel 7700k?" The new...
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    4K Ultra HD Monitors with 144 Hz Refresh-rate and G-SYNC HDR Start Being Available

    Ahhhh I was not expecting $3k USD fahk. I need one though o_O
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    I've been playing this for a few days and I'm really happy with it. It has quite a chilled racing experience - really fun to play after a stressful day at work. As some others have already said, it does remind me of DiRT 2 and Motorstorm a fair bit. I'm left a bit disappointed with the...
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    Phanteks Enthoo Evolv mATX Tempered Glass

    Great review! I was tempted to get one of these for myself except for the GPU clearance. I have to say that I'm disappointed about the GPU clearance as it couldn't fit my old 1080 HOF. Quite strange really, especially when the In Win 301 which is overall smaller, has better clearance.
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    Racing games for PC

    DiRT Rally is better than DiRT 4 imo - try and get your hands on it. DiRT 4 is a little too arcadey for me whereas DiRT Rally (despite being older) drives much better and the tracks are more realistic imo. WRC 7 is also good - substantially better than the previous WRC games. Dare I say almost...
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    I need a new PC chair for gaming. $200 budget. Back support. Please help.

    IKEA Markus. It is the first office chair I've had where the foam in the seat pan (butt area) hasn't gone flat after 1 year (I am ~76kg and 1.75m). I've had mine for about 16months and I'm still really happy with it. I use mine for about 6-8hours every day. The cloth one is nicer imo and is $20...