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    Your PC ATM

    Damn nice! Glass side panel or the vented one? Arghhh being tempted to go small PC again :P
  2. THE_EGG

    Your PC ATM

    Looks great. How's your CPU temperature in games?
  3. THE_EGG

    Your PC ATM

    Picked up this bad boy today. For sure a healthy upgrade from ye olde' Galax 1080 HOF Bad caps or not, it's been working great tonight. Steady 1965-1980mhz boost.
  4. THE_EGG

    GIGABYTE Outs GeForce RTX 3080 VISION OC: Ampere for Creators

    I didn't like Gigabyte's other 3080 designs...but this....hngggg. Might be my next graphics card if it's quiet.
  5. THE_EGG

    Seagate Giveaway: Seagate FireCuda 120 SSD 1TB

    I need the Seagate FireCuda 120 SSD 1TB because I'm impatient and can't wait for things to load.
  6. THE_EGG

    Microsoft Moves to Permanently Close Physical Shops

    Yep. I'm happy the Sydney one is staying open, their community events and workshops are sometimes pretty cool. Frankly I thought it was mostly run as an 'Experience Store' anyway.
  7. THE_EGG

    What is the oldest piece of continually running hardware you currently use with your rig?

    For sure, my frankensteined Creative Inspire T7700 7.1 sound system. My old man gave it to me over 10 years ago after he had it for 5 years or so and moved on to proper home-theatre stuff. The only thing left original is the subwoofer, I've swapped out the speakers to Tannoy SFX 5.1.....which...
  8. THE_EGG

    Nintendo Switch Sales Surge Surpassing SNES, N64, GameCube & Wii U

    I bought a Switch a couple of weeks ago mainly for Ring Fit Adventure (haven't been able to go to my gym since Feb). Combined it's probably the best purchase I've made this year!
  9. THE_EGG

    GIGABYTE Readies Out GeForce RTX 2060 Gaming OC Pro White

    Yah, I get kinda pissed when I read "white" only to find that the PCB is still black. :(
  10. THE_EGG

    Corsair Carbide 275Q Silent Mid-tower Generally Available

    There's a sound dampening panel for the top :) Though this can be removed for better cooling if needed.
  11. THE_EGG

    CPU Heatsink Opinions

    Scythe is a negatory :( no suppliers
  12. THE_EGG

    CPU Heatsink Opinions

    PSU is OK (i thought it might be the PSU too) as I've tested it outside of the case - doesn't even get warm. The problem is that I only have 1 120mm exhaust fan which doesn't cut it and because of this, the hot air from the GPU and CPU can't escape well enough and is forced to go through the...
  13. THE_EGG

    CPU Heatsink Opinions

    Hey peeps, I have a Corsair 280X case on order as my In Win 301 just isn't cutting for cooling :( . My PSU is getting cooked - almost too hot to touch. I've tried many different fan layouts and adding/removing case fans with limited improvements. I currently use a Noctua D15S and have added a...
  14. THE_EGG

    LUCIDSOUND Ships LS31 Wireless Gaming Headset for PS4, Xbox One, and PC

    Yep, happened to my LS40 too :( I'm scared to use them now in case they fully snap....