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    Crucial MX100 SSD Specifications Appear Online

    Anand wasn't even sure if the presence of nCache makes a difference. That's just a guess. Gimme proof of nCache making a difference like TurboWrite does. What proof do you have that OCZ's performance mode makes a difference?? Don't quote Tomshardware because they haven't got a clue what they...
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    Crucial MX100 SSD Specifications Appear Online

    Somebody forgot OCZ Vector, Vector 150, Vertex 450, Samsung XP941, Sandisk A110 and Plextor M6e. And BTW, nCache is only used for storing the drive's firmware. It's not used for boosting write speeds.
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    Crucial MX100 SSD Specifications Appear Online

    M500 120 GB uses 8 128 Gb die and attains 140 MB/s write speeds. M550 128 GB uses 16 64 Gb die and attains 300+ MB/s write speeds. MX100 128 GB attains 150 MB/s write speeds. Bingo?
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    Crucial MX100 SSD Specifications Appear Online

    Who in their right mind would buy the 128 GB model just to save 25 Euros??!! Edit: The MX100 512 GB performs identically to the 512 GB M550 (except Max 4K Read IOPS, which are just 5,000 lower)... Good job Crucial... You just cannibalized your high end drives...
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    NVIDIA Announces the GeForce GT 740

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    Macronix Starts Production of 36 nm SLC NAND Flash

    Why are we using ancient tech again?
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    Upgrade time - Advice is welcomed.

    Upgrade CPU and Mobo now. I don't think upgrading the CPU cooler or RAM would be worth it.
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    The Vanishing of Ethan Carter

    That is one AWESOME looking game. I wonder what kind of hardware it requires to run smoothly. Crytek should totally use photogrammetry in their next game!
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    Intel Core i7 "Haswell-E" Processor Lineup Detailed

    Considering the price difference between the 5820K and 5930K I am 100% sure that the 5820K doesn't have Hyper Threading.
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    Marvell Announces New PCIe SSD Controller Supporting SATA Express

    *facepalm* Marvell 88SS9183 was already reaching the limits of PCIe Gen2x2. The least I was hoping for was PCIe Gen2x4. Extremely disappointed. I guess LSI and Samsung are the only ones interested in making fast SSDs.
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    SilentiumPC Supremo M1 Platinum 700W Power Supply Now Available

    Meh. Bring on the Titanium certified PSUs. Platinum certified PSUs is old tech now.
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    SATA 3 - M.2 SSD