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    ASUS Introduces Chrome Enterprise Devices for Modern-Day Businesses

    Cool, but parallels for chrome doesnt do you much good when 99% of businesses run windows, and these devices will either be as expensive as a laptop but with a limited shelf life OR will be cheaper but have limp wristed celerons that cant runn ANYTHING in parallels because they have the...
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    AMD Outs Radeon RX 6800 XT Midnight Black Edition—Already Out of Stock

    People said the same thing in 2014 and again in 2018, that mining had destroyed the GPU scene and PC gaming was dead yadda yadda. Seriously go look at the old comment threads here, on techspot, anandtech, ece. The EXACT SAME COMPLAINTS running through the comment section like corn syrup...
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    Intel Core i5-11400F

    They did enable memory oc, that is to say technically anything over 2666 is considered overclocked memory. You can only enable up to 2933 for non k skus on non z series boards.
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    Intel Core i5-11400F

    I dont understand how Intel managed to screw up the memory controller. Pulling so much power and not able to hit the speeds that the 10th gen could hit. Rocket lake really is a half baked design. And still requiring a Z series chipset to hit 3200+ is lame. Still the 11400f is an interesting...
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    Gigabyte Preparing Passively Cooled AMD X570S Motherboards

    The chipset fan was totally pointless. The heatsinks that went with them wouldnt pass muster for an intel atom. Multiple users have succesfully put passsive heatsinks ont heir motherboards and lowered temperatures from the 60-70c range to the 40c range, with NO FAN. The fan was a totally...
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    LG to Close Mobile Phone Business Worldwide

    It's strange, isnt it? The enthusiast community has called for years for a sinsible midrange device with sensible software, and yet no company can seem to offer it without some major caveat. Google came the cosest with the pixel 4a, if only the battery wasnt so small (something google will never...
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    LG to Close Mobile Phone Business Worldwide

    LG really seemed behind the times. They were pushing carrier locked phones in an age of unlocked devices, they ignored the midrange market when it was on fire, their software sucked, their software updates sucked, they had serious quality control issues that eroded confidence in the company, and...
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    ASRock Announces Z590 OC Formula Motherboard

    All these amazing OC boards for what is turning out to be a very boring generation of CPUs.
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    The Latest BIOS of GIGABYTE B560 Motherboards Boosts i9 11900K CPU to All-cores 5.1 GHz

    Yes, throwing some Atom cores in there will make AMD quake in their boots!
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    The Latest BIOS of GIGABYTE B560 Motherboards Boosts i9 11900K CPU to All-cores 5.1 GHz

    And intel is pulling that with half the cores on their "new" architecture :roll: The difference here being that AMD actually improved. Zen 1 was a beta quality core, but the 2000 series was far better, and weve all seen what zen 2 and zen 3 have managed. Intel's new architecture is a power...
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    QNAP Launches Expansion Card for PC/NAS with Dual M.2 SSD & 2.5 GbE Ports

    Eh, what? The only NAS drive I'm aware of that can hit 250MB/s is the seagate ironwolf 7200rpm disks, and those typically peak around 225 MB/s, not 250. The WD reds are slower, in the 180-190 range, and most consumer drives are not hitting over 200, the only ones that reliably do are the WD...
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    The Latest BIOS of GIGABYTE B560 Motherboards Boosts i9 11900K CPU to All-cores 5.1 GHz

    Well I would say that there is 0 reason to go with a more expensive z590 board if a B560 can run your CPU at full performance, you still get PCie 4.0 to the first slot and M.2 slot, so it makes no difference unless you have a multi GPU setup (LMFAO) or tons of expansion cards for some specialty...
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    Massive Cyberpunk 2077 1.2 Update Fixes Tons of Bugs, Adds Raytracing for AMD

    Well that would be because it WASNT make by the same devs that made The Witcher games. The aligations of severe crunch were not coming from the CP2077 devs, they originally came from the W3 devs who left en masse after blood and wine came out. Most of the CP2077 team are working on their first game.
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    Massive Cyberpunk 2077 1.2 Update Fixes Tons of Bugs, Adds Raytracing for AMD

    The game has some serius design issues, fixing the bugs is great and all, even though this should have been done BEFORE release, but the game itself still fails to interest me at all. Its another sandbox games with a huge chest fo features that get used occasionally, it lacks the unique asthetic...
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    NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070 Ti Could be Offered in Both 8 GB and 16 GB SKUs

    Do people not get what, exactly? Because so far, all the "I NEED MUHMEMORY" afficianados cannot point to a single set of benchmarks showing memory bottlenecking on the nvidia 3000 series. Its pretty easy to show, frame time varience would be attrocious and stutter could be measured even by a...