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    Scorn Xbox Series X Trailer Was Actually Running On RTX 2080 Ti GPU

    The Xbox is more powerful then a PS5, yet they still went with a PC workstation for their demo. Tells you a lot about how good the new consoles will actually look. And people STILL believe that THIS generation of game consoles will give us the photorealistic visuals they crave. Microsoft is...
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    The Witcher Franchise Soars Past 50 Million Games Sold

    It's very worrying. I've had it with games going all PC trying to avoid angering some twitter account or special interest group. the only group that should matter to a game dev is the gamers that buy it, and repeatedly its been shown that those whining about how offensive things are DONT BUY...
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    PowerColor Radeon RX 5600 XT ITX

    A liquid cooling setup on a mid range card is a terrible idea, the setup will likely cost as much as the card itself! If you have that money why would you do this instead of buying a 5700xt?
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    PowerColor Radeon RX 5600 XT ITX

    Why allow larger thermal expansion limits when your cooling system has more juice left in the tank? 90C isnt going to kill the card, no, but going from 30C to 70C causes less long term wear and tear on solder joints then going from 30C to 90C does every time you start a game. Especially when...
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    PowerColor Radeon RX 5600 XT ITX

    Neat card, but those temperatures are a shame, considering what Sapphire got out of the smaller R9 285 Mini ITX card despite the 285's higher power draw.
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    TSMC 5 nm+ Node Manufacturing Goes High-Volume in Q4, AMD one of the Major Customers

    2080ti also has a decent chunk of silicon dedicated to RT cores, which VII doesnt have. The 1080ti is only 267mm2 and is also 5-10% faster then radeon VII. This part, right here, is incredibly relevant when it comes to AMD. The athlon 64 era was great for AMD, but AMD made the mistake of...
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    Xbox Series X to Support "Thousands of Games at Launch" Thanks to Backwards Compatibility

    the 60GB PS3 was 100% backwards compatible thanks to carrying a full PS2 inside, the software compatibility that was only about 70% compatible was used on the 80GB model. The PSX controller was used for the blu-ray drive's controller, so all PS3s can play all PS1 games. Well to correct me...
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    Xbox Series X to Support "Thousands of Games at Launch" Thanks to Backwards Compatibility

    *Looks at the Ps2 with full backwards compatibility with the ps1, and the OG PS3 with full PS2 and PS1 backwards compatibility* *looks at the 360 which only offered backwards compatibility on a tiny selection of Xbox games* *microsoft has decades of experience, sony is relatively new* Oi...
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    Xbox Series X to Support "Thousands of Games at Launch" Thanks to Backwards Compatibility

    See, this is what sony needs to learn from. THIS is how you do backwards compatibility, not this " well mos tof the top 100 should work for the most part" non committal BS.
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    Teledyne e2v Introduces First Radiation-Tolerant DDR4 Memory for Space Applications

    Mars' magnetic field is nearly non-existant. This is why much of mars' atmosphere has been stripped away over time by solar winds, the planet has almost no protection against radiation from the Sun. The atmosphere is too thin to have any real effect on solar radiation.
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    Intel Core i9-10900K der8auer De-Lidding Reveals Accurate Die-Size Measurements

    So if by your own admission intel can maintain their lead with and without the iGPU, why would they create a separate SKU without it? What would the benefit be, both to intel and to enthusiasts? This is why I labeled this as "whining" initially. There is no proposition for why intel should make...
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    Intel Core i9-10900K der8auer De-Lidding Reveals Accurate Die-Size Measurements

    They do, they are called HDET, they are CPU dies made without an iGPU for those who want more CPU power instead. you are free to buy them. A certain number of enthusiasts have been whining about that IGP for a decade now. It's been proven more then once that the lack of said iGPU wont magically...
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    Intel Rocket Lake CPU Appears with 6 Cores and 12 Threads

    This is just as misleading. At 4ghz, the Intel chip pulls less power in a instant, but it is utterly crushed in performance. Not only does this allow amd' to pull even further ahead in productivity, but at 4 ghz Intel also loses its gaming advantage. And to complete a benchmark, the Intel rig...
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    Intel 10th Generation Core Desktop Processors Start Selling

    You have a point on a smaller die area, not sure why you bring claimed TDP in. That's a red herring. The 3950x is a 105 watt chip, but hits a peak of 145 watt total power draw with 10 cores loaded, and core frequency starts falling the more cores you load after that, with the aveerage clock rate...