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    Silicon Power Unveils Mobile C10 USB-C Flash Drives

    And its only 5Gbps. This is just a 3.0 drive with a type C connector. Where are all the 10Gbps type C drives to truly take advantage of the interface? What is the point of 3.2 2x2 and 40Gbps USB whatever if nothing uses it?
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    Bethesda Bringing Fallout 76, Rage 2, Doom Eternal, and Wolfenstein Games to Steam

    Honestly only doom eternal holds any interest to me. Fallout 76 is a dumpster fire MMO, RAGE 1 was just plain boring, and after Wolfenstein SJW edition, I cant really hold any excitement for Wolfenstein: even more forced politics and Wolfenstein: the tired 4th wheel. Now, Doom eternal, Doom...
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    ASUS and ASRock AMD X570 Chipset Motherboards Listed

    "tons" eh? Gonna need a source on how many professional laboratories are using "gaming" hardware for server tasks. Professional miners, whom make up the majority of GPU mining buyers, use specialized "mining" boards with 15+ PCIe connections on them, then connect the GPU via ribbon cable, as a...
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    ASUS and ASRock AMD X570 Chipset Motherboards Listed

    I fail to see the appeal of new PCIe. Sure, we can go on about "muh bandwidth" however, in a consumer setting, bandwidth is not really an issue anymore. There is no difference between PCIe 3.0 x8 and x16 on a single video card, the only thing GPU wise that ever pushed slots to their limit was...
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    Apple iMac Gets a 2x Performance Boost

    Likely not nearly as much as the apple tax. Remember this is the same company that sold $280 (to produce) phones for $650, then $750, then $1100. Apple sheep will buy anything with a half eaten fruit on it, and pay an insane premium to do so. The display is the only really impressive part of...
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    Three Kingdoms: Total War- System Specifications Revealed

    After CA's behavior the last few years, and them still using a garbage single thread engine in a game where multi threading should be easy, I'm gonna pass. I still have Medieval II, which IMO is either the peak or near the peak of Total War games.
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    Google to Significantly Scale Down Notebook and Tablet Development

    Because they work properly, and are coherent, unlike FOSS with its million forks and commands that read like ancient Greek? I mean, if you are all worried about "muh data" then why are you on the Web? Newsflash, your ISP can track you if it wants to, websites track and sell data on you, every...
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    The Division 2 System Requirements Outed - RX 480 Enough for 1080p @ 60 FPS, DX12 Renderer Offers Much Improved Performance

    Does it also list "must be able to put up with hackers and cheaters 24/7 because we are too lazy to make a multiplayer game properly" in the system requirements?
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    Microsoft Confirms Latest Windows 10 Update May Decrease Performance in Certain Gaming Scenarios

    How many of those 7 users didnt have antivirus installed, or worse, were using norton or mcafee (or worse, is webroot saying their product is less capable on 7 then 10, which would be a laughable thing to report)? And per the report, windows 7 still has a majority of users compared to windows...
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    Microsoft Confirms Latest Windows 10 Update May Decrease Performance in Certain Gaming Scenarios

    The only idiot here is you. Windows 7 is still currently supported, and is no more vulnerable then windows 10. Until april of 2020, windows 7 is no more unsecure then more modern versions of Windows. When given MSE antivirus, it is running the same defender profiles as windows 10, it is running...
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    Microsoft Confirms Latest Windows 10 Update May Decrease Performance in Certain Gaming Scenarios

    From a security point of view, using computers is NOT A GOOD IDEA!!! Besides, in the age of adblockers, pi-holes, and constantly updated browsers, infections are becoming far rarer of a problem then in years past. OS updates are very important, yes, but by blocking ad networks the primary...
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    ECS Launches the 2019 Ultra-Small LIVA Q2 Mini PC

    I want one of these with a ryzen 2700U chip....
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    Intel Rolls Out the 4 GHz Pentium Gold G5620 Processor

    I can see a market for this. I have a full gaming desktop now, but if I were to redo it, I would get a pentium like this, which is more then fast enough for normal tasks and can play older games with no issue. Not everyone plays the latest and greatest or most demanding games. If one wants to...
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    2019 the Year of 1TB SSDs: Prices Fall by 50%

    It's been great. I have a 2TB SSD now, and being able to hold everything in flash memory is joyous for loading things. Thanks to the low prices, I've been able to convince many people, from family to coworkers, to upgrade their old machines with SSDs. They have all loved the switch. People said...
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    Apple MacBook Pro 2018 Appears to Have a Serious Design Flaw

    Oh NO! An extra .3 inches thick! My POOR BACK! Wont somebody think of those without muscles!