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Jul 20, 2008
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Associate Consulting Engineer - CCNA, BCvRE
    1. jmcslob
      Cause I didn't realize how to LOL...
    2. JrRacinFan
      LOL thank you!!
    3. JrRacinFan
      Was thinking about that but going to upgrade graphics first. Here's my new toy though:
    4. JrRacinFan
      Nah, the pc is going to be moved to a 22" LCD. I have an Xbox and a Wii I can use for watching avi.
    5. JrRacinFan
      That's going to be chaning soon, but I LOVE IT!!!
    6. JrRacinFan
      I don't eat breakfast, Nicco-feine the breakfast of champions :p.
      I am old fashioned so I don't think she should be out in a workplace, although if she chose to work I would have no arguments against it. Mainly keeps our house up to par.

      Another speaking of which, last time we had a long talk we were in an apartment, since then I got a house. Oh and if you haven't seen my rig's specs. I updated my rig and pretty much built her a new one out of trading my old stuff :p
    7. JrRacinFan
      Speaking of sleep patterns, I better go wake up my wife, she's been asleep since 10pm last night. Not her usual. Should I let her rest?
    8. JrRacinFan
      I can't do that anymore, my old bones just won't move after being awake for 15 hours. LOL
    9. JrRacinFan
      HAHA! "OMFG STFU" comes to mind.Damnit, I need to get on the ball and get somethin' done. I need to be at work by 2, it's 10 and I haven't even done a single errand I need to do today.
    10. JrRacinFan
      I wouldn't mention it either. He's pretty sore about it.
    11. JrRacinFan
      We're talking perma-banned. It had to have beens omething of bad sorts. And by erocker no less, one of the more justified mods.
    12. JrRacinFan
      I think it was an infraction for some useless flame in the FS/FT, but it was the aftereffect that caused it.
    13. JrRacinFan
      Upon reading those, I understand . TPU-itis is one of the best drugs/diseases to have , I am a case of it. LOL

      Will be honest, I haven't posted nearly close to as much as I used to but I do visit regularly. Too bad PP_Mguire got banned. I still talk to him day in day out though.
    14. JrRacinFan
      Not unemployed here man, just BILLS GAHHHH!

      So, I've started seeing you around TPU a bit more, what was with the little vacation? You miss me?! :p
    15. JrRacinFan
      Jus' been chillaxing, trying to make a dollar out of a dime. You know what I mean?!
    16. JrRacinFan
      Hi, how you been? ;)
    17. sNiPeRbOb
      thanks for the quick tut! Really helpful, and yes I'm always trying to better my photog skills. Would you believe me if I told you those shots came from an Olympus 850SW P+S?
    18. ShadowFold
      Where have you been :(
    19. A Cheese Danish
      A Cheese Danish
      zomfg wtf are you?
    20. JrRacinFan

      Me goz e5200 On a UPS truck!
    21. JrRacinFan
    22. panchoman
      yeah, 120 is 120mm 240 is 1x 120 etc
    23. panchoman
      for a 245w system thats preety good costs around 200 bucks btw. thats the kinda stuff thats extremely competitive with compressors and ln2. people use high powered tecs to get insane oc's that are very near those of ln2 (tec and compressor results are usually near each other) all without spending too much.
    24. panchoman
      only one pelt man, use this: http://www.frozencpu.com/products/2409/exp-02/80W_Potted_Peltier.html?tl=g30c105s187 it should do, otherwise there are like 100w ones and all too, but basically you just put it under a block and there you go, or you can get them with the blocks: http://www.frozencpu.com/products/5532/ex-blc-348/Swiftech_MCW6500-T-775_Thermoelectric_CPU_Liquid_Cooling_Block_Socket_775.html?tl=g30c105s520 thats a swiftech with a 221w peltier, its used for high end cpus, and works well with a 240 radiator kit. you can take a 120 kit (a good one is around 125 bucks) add a 80w pelt and you're preety set, and if you want high end cooling like above, you get a 240 radiator for your loop. good stuff.
    25. panchoman
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    Cooling: Corsair Hydro H100 || Stock hotplug fans and passive heatsinks
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    Power Supply: SeaSonic X650 Gold || 2x870w hot-swappable
    Mouse: Logitech G500 || remote iDRAC KVM console
    Keyboard: Logitech G510 || remote iDRAC KVM console
    Software: Win7 Ultimate x64 || VMware vSphere 6.0 with vCenter Server 6.0
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