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Jul 20, 2008
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Associate Consulting Engineer - CCNA, BCvRE
    1. panchoman
      can ya send me a pic? frozencpu.com carries a lot of stuff that you'll want to look at. also, why'd you get the eliminator when you could've built yourself a custom tec\wc system that would be so much better?
    2. panchoman
      as for the eliminator, i think its 3 peltier blocks stacked on top of each other.. which would be worse then just a single peltier. OR it might be that the thing supports up to 3 peltier blocks (for the optional dual gpu solution or what not)
    3. panchoman
      when you're operating at sub-ambient temps, the air in your rig will be colder then the outside air, and the vapors in the air will start to condense into water. this can potentially fry your rig. thats why you need to put di-electric grease in your socket, some silicone around your socket, and a neoprene gasket behind your cpu to be safe. they'll prevent the air around the cpu from going sub-ambient and block out the moisture.
    4. panchoman
      what? btw TEC= ThermoElectic Cooling. its a type of cooling, just like air and liquid. TEC is powered by a peltier, which is the main device that causes the TEC effect. the peltier is a little block that uses electricity to seperate heat, and move all of the heat to one side, causing the other side to be cold. the eliminator is a L/C unit with one peltier aint it? the tdp of your processor is 65w, so if you have a qmax of 56 w, you're not going to get sub-ambient under load, unless if you underclock, but you might during idle. you do have all of the neccessary precautions for sub-ambient temps right?
    5. panchoman
      you wont get sub-ambient unless if cpu's heat output is lower then your tec's qmax (which is 56 right) then you'll get sub-ambient, if your output is equal to the qmax, you get ambient temps, and if its less, then your cpu is stay about ambient. what cpu do you have?
    6. panchoman
      thats a fairly weak tec.. i doubt you'll be better sub ambient temps, am i right? your case is an exception, because your tec can run off the psu, and is not powerful enough for a DPSU, so you'll want a single rail psu so that the tec can its power properly.
    7. panchoman
      how many watts?
    8. panchoman
      pc p &c is partially right and wrong.. the unused amperage can be rerouted to another rail. the multiple 12 volt rails are their as a safety feature. they have caps on each rail to prevent too much voltage from flowing on one rail, this allows them to have lower power wires and therefore are cheaper. theres nothing really wrong with them. sure all of the power cant flow through one rail, but theres never a need for that unless if you're running a tec unit or compressor off of your psu, which hardly occurs because most of the time they require their own special dedicated psu.

      so yeah, theres nothing really wrong with multiple rail psus, but single rails are equally kick ass.
    9. panchoman
      what about multiple rails makes you think that the psu is weaker?
    10. turtlelover
      Yep! I did!

      Leah loves you too!!
    11. ShadowFold
      I can haz gtx 280?
    12. ShadowFold
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