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Jun 3, 2007
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Shakin' and Banking Dat Bread


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Black Guns Matter! Jul 28, 2016

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Dec 3, 2016 at 10:03 PM
    1. twilyth
      Oh, OK. As long as you're not abandoning us. :D
    2. twilyth
      So, your ban expired an now you're back. I suppose that like everyone else you will now abandon us on GN. We support you and comfort you and the first chance you get, you kick us to the curb. {sniffle} {sniffle} But that's OK. We're used to it. We'll survive.
    3. Cold Storm
      Cold Storm
      I'll be up in Crystal River on the 5th of next month man! :toast:
    4. _JP_
      Although I've seen some Max Headroom shows, I still don't get the idea. I guess I had to be a teen living in that decade to understand what was going on. :p
      I do like Art of Noise's Paranomia.
    5. Bjorn_Of_Iceland
      rofl Boy George!
    6. Solaris17
      love the avatar. great movie.
    7. El_Mayo
      Now that I think of it you should've used trollface as your avatar in the first place!
    8. remixedcat
      santa is Bi he loves everyone. even more then jesus
    9. Black Panther
      Black Panther
      Find your ED-E.
      I just couldn't help not helping such a hot santa ;)
    10. wahdangun
      so santa are gay ?? wow, thats will surely destroy every child dreams and turn it into nightmare
    11. wahdangun
      hey bro, your pic is quite disturbing are you a gay ? :p
    12. Black Panther
      Black Panther
      Orly? Bother people? Lemme say I have to take a good 10 mins to roll my tongue back in... :)
    13. Black Panther
      Black Panther
      Nice avatar.

      Too nice avatar....

      It's distracting me......

    14. Black Panther
      Black Panther
      Finally got this game to run as it was supposed to.
      The solution makes no sense though.
      I reinstalled game, let it update etc...
      Copied my saved games.
      Vats drops to 1 fps.
      Inserted dll fix.
      Still no change vats drops to 1 fps.
      Went to CCC.
      Set all CCC settings to lowest possible. (CCC - 3D Graphics - All)
      Exited game.
      Went to CCC again.
      Tested game. Game looks crap but Vats works fine!
      Went to (CCC - 3D Graphics - All) once more.
      Put "Texture Filtering" and "Mipmap Details" on maximum high. Left other settings as they were.
      Tested game - now it looks great and I get no fps drops when using VATS.

      I told you it makes no sense....
      I just hope this holds..

      And, I think probably this issue was caused from me updating to 10.10e (perhaps not the driver as such but the resulting 3D settings upon installing it?) and not from the game or the 10th November patch itself.
    15. Killer_Rubber_Ducky
      Hey check out the Warzone Thread i posted about needing some help. ^_^
    16. Black Panther
    17. Bjorn_Of_Iceland
      He looks like carrot top in black and white.. manson that is lol
    18. Wrigleyvillain
      lol um not quite that was a nice n easy copypasta :)
    19. Wrigleyvillain
      Believe it or not, I'm walking on air.
      I never thought I could feel so free.
      Flying away on a wing and a prayer,
      Who could it be?
      Believe it or not, it's just me.
    20. de.das.dude
      hey bro, i still got that problem you were talking about. the via audio one. what should i do? u said u have an idea about what it was.
    21. mlee49
      Just curious, you post almost all the newest game details. :)

    22. mlee49
      Dude where do you get all your game news from? Shacknews.com?
    23. btarunr
    24. erocker
      Spy's sappin mah sentreh
    25. 1Kurgan1
      Yeah, havent seen you on besides on that night, you had mine too though.
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