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    CORSAIR Launches T3 RUSH Gaming Chair

    Why do ALL gaming chairs look like they are made by the same factory, with minor tweaks and logos added? Why...
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    NVIDIA Accelerates Volta to May 2017?

    Can you please stop? You have the debating skills of a high school teenager who knows all the wrong facts and cannot put 2 and 2 together. I call you "paper warrior". Just look at the FPS, frame latency, and power draw. What REALLY matters. Who cares if one side supports paper feature X? Only...
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    Radeon R9 290X Pitted Against GeForce GTX TITAN in Early Review

    And yet again, another 60Hz monitor owner. Please go back to your cave. :banghead::banghead::banghead: So a gamer with enough money to spend on nice hardware (anyone with a job really) is an enthusiast? Wow.
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    Radeon R9 290X Pitted Against GeForce GTX TITAN in Early Review

    Most of the gamers use 1080, of course they will be used for 1080. Why in hell would you think otherwise? Have you never played beyond 60Hz on a monitor? And they barely even reach 60FPS in Crysis 3 and other games!
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    Intel Delays 14 nm "Broadwell" Chips to Q1-2014

    I'm still confused. Will Broadwell hit the desktop segment, or is it still only for the mobile world?
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    NVIDIA Tesla Powers HIV Research Breakthrough

    It makes me sick thinking that people like you exist. How dare you say we should not spend money to save peoples lives? It's all about profit? You will make a lot more profit owning a hotel, a restaurant owner, or any sort of business. Yet these people have devoted half their life studying...
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    ASUS Outs Designo Series IPS LED Monitors

    Absolutely! All screen should at least be 120hz +, back to the good old CRTs. I can easily see a difference between 60 and 80 fps on my samsung 950d! It's not really hard, and all the way up to 120 fps it's about 5x better than 60 fps with regards to FPS games. :toast: You're flat our wrong...
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    Counter Strike: Global Offensive Available for Pre-Purchase on Steam

    Snatched it! Why? Cause it's a super deal, that's why. Btw, if you saw it, CSS still costs 20 euro normal price to buy, this cost me less than that, lol. :toast:
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    Source Filmmaker Now in Open Beta

    Still gotta say, this is why Valve is the best. Instead of spending money on advertisement for Steam, they create a tool people can use, and self advertize it all over the web, especially on youtube. Win-win! :toast:Cheers Valve, thanks for actually caring about the community! 3.3.3.
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    Diablo 3 Launch Overloads Servers

    Servers overloaded on the first day, you don't say! :nutkick: Yeah seriously, IT'S OK THAT IT'S NOT WORKING, but post a freaking time when it WILL be working. Fail is fail. mkay. Why can't companies understand that communication is really important to... oh I dunno 99% of us!
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    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 670 SLI

    I forgot to thank you for the awesome review and quick reply! Could you just give a personal opinion about any sort of stuttering? I mean having reviewed so many cards, you must be able to notice it, did games run smooth? Isn't it time you picked up a proper performance monitor @ 120 hz...
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    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 670 SLI

    Wizz, why no microstuttering analysis ever on SLI? That's the FIRST thing I would look at to consider SLI or Xfire.
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    MAINGEAR Unleashes the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 690

    We wants da review, plzkthnxbye! :roll:
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    Block Pirate Bay: UK High Court to ISPs

    Digitizing and going online has given the ability to everyone to access anything at anytime. This has HUGE implications, which I won't get into to. The point is, it's virtually become nearly free for anyone to distribute anything digitally via the internet. Yet people end up paying the same...