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    PSU going down?

    I think your problem is network related.I dont have much experience on programming etc but i can confirm that if you tress the PSU so hard like gaming for long time and you have no problems but you have in almost no load in surfing and d/l ing then its prolly software related.Or even your...
  2. theorw

    Making a USR 9108 to work as Bridge to a NETGEAR DGN1000 N150

    Hm 3 days and not 1 response? Come on please!I need to bridge 1 router to another,what should i do!I dont need to tell me how to navigate in each routers menu,i need to explain me the terms i will be using,like mac addresses,gateways etc etc!:)
  3. theorw

    Making a USR 9108 to work as Bridge to a NETGEAR DGN1000 N150

    Hello there! Title explains the situation here.I ll be getting a Netgear DGN1000 N150 tomorrow to replace my long time half dead USR 9108.The USR gets random disconnections all the time but the wireless works flawlessly.So what i want is to keep the NETGEAR to my room and have the USR, 2...
  4. theorw

    Best Virus Protection

    I got KAspersky a few days ago and it seems to be doing great!Found a bunch of troyans too,cos i didnt have protection before...now i pay for this by w8ing for wow account reactivation...-.-
  5. theorw

    Axle Radeon HD 5670 1024 MB

    Yes u do since despite the card consuming very little power,th epower is delivered from the back of teh card,thus the use of 6pin.It seems it could go with mobo power only but for some reason axle left the power circuitry near the dvi-vga empty..??:confused:
  6. theorw

    Galaxy Readies Dual-Fermi Graphics Card

    Any price yet?Who bets its over 700$?
  7. theorw

    Your PC ATM

    M8 nice pc and hw but why the hell do u torture yr vga like this? 8400 on a 5970???????:(
  8. theorw

    PowerColor Low-Profile HD 5700 Series Cards Spotted

    Not only med but high res too!Many games are very playable on 1920 rez! I d grab two of these if they had xfire connector!
  9. theorw

    HP 2140 wrong bios boot setting help!

    Guys thank u all!I fixed it!Nothing wrong with reassemble,just removing the battery,then using the CORRECT supplied cd for WINXP and after 1 hour i have it here working flawlessly! Ty again!
  10. theorw

    HP 2140 wrong bios boot setting help!

    Thank u for the reply!Well i pushed ENTER SETUP button and left it there and after 5-10 minutes it entered the bios!!!So i pushed RESTORE DEFAULTS and saved and so i got a booting to windows screen that after leaded to a BSOD ,that means either hdd error or meshed up windows installation...
  11. theorw

    HP 2140 wrong bios boot setting help!

    Hi! I have my gf's netbook the HP 2140. We decided to do a format and everything was good but after the reboot after copying files etc...It wouldnt boot and i dont remember but i think i put the wrong boot priority.(have formatted desktops 1342 times but never laptops). It will boot now only to...
  12. theorw

    Cooler Master Launches HAF X Case

    Well its a copycat 932 with a new touch and some details. Nice anyway!
  13. theorw

    Sexy Hardware Close-Up Pic Clubhouse.

    This is my friends new case,memory and vga cooler. Isnt the vga sexy or what? Also i really love the case/mobo theme! Best budget case i know!
  14. theorw

    [Case Gallery] OVRKIL

    Excellent hw and theme!