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    Nicehash Ad on TPU main site

    It baffles me that there actually are people in this world who don't use any kind of adblock. Judging from the screenshot in the OP, the color scheme of the ad is murder for the eyes. As for what's advertised, I think the current crypto boom is great. I got my 3080 essentially for free (bought a...
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    Scythe Announces Mugen 5 Black Edition CPU cooler

    I sure hope a lot, I honestly dislike cold weather. And the planet being slowly turned into Arrakis? I'll long be dead before it happens, as a nihilist I can say I really don't care what will happen after I'm gone. Incidentally, I currently use the Mugen 5, upgraded from Mugen 2 after it was...
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    Scythe Announces Mugen 5 Black Edition CPU cooler

    I'm fairly sure any company willing to sell ad space has reasonable statistical proof their audience meets the advertiser's requirements. As for prostitute ads, I have nothing against them, but most countries still have fairly strong religious influences which induce negative reactions caused by...
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    Scythe Announces Mugen 5 Black Edition CPU cooler

    This is a place where a lot of people actually have hardware capable of being used for a service like the one being advertised, so it's not a bizarre place for such advertisements at all. I'd say it's one of the most natural places for such a service.
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    Scythe Announces Mugen 5 Black Edition CPU cooler

    What is this "ad campaign" you speak of? I have not seen advertisements on the Internet for quite a while, since the '90's have passed. If you're a snowflake which melts because you pesonally dislike cryptocurrencies, well, up yours, as young people say. Companies like Nicehash are most probably...
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    NVIDIA 90HX Crypto Mining Processor Based on Ampere GA102-100 GPU

    Cards with no resale value would have to be dirt cheap to make sense for miners. nVidia tries to force people to buy them by restricting usability of consumer products, which is corporate greed at it's finest. I know several people who bought the 3080/3090 and do some single-GPU mining just to...
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    Can someone explain to me why manufacturing is the culprit of Intel's woes?

    It's all about yields. If you pay 40 million for a lightbulb (otherwise known as an EUV source), 90 million for a single EUV lens and billions for a single production line you need to ensure return of investment. Companies like TSMC can juggle between processes and methods of optimization...
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    what is wrong with my pc? i have no clue about this error in device manager

    Personally I would start by disabling the device in Device Manager and checking which (if any) USB ports stop working. Then do the same in BIOS - if possible, some BIOSes don't have extensive USB controls, some do. It is entirely possible that a crappy hub borked one of the USB controllers -...
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    Is NVCleanInstall 100% safe?!

    Well, NVCleanstall surely sends data to the Chinese overlords and organized crime. I thought it was common knowledge that crime syndicates break into people's houses just to steal their GPUs, such is the scale of current shortage, and that's the main source of TPU funding. It also makes your...
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    NVIDIA Earned $5 Billion During a GPU "Shortage" Quarter and Expects to Do it Again in the Next One

    That's basically how I got my 3080 in December for just a little over MSRP. After I sold the 3090 for exactly twice I paid at launch and had to use the 1080ti for a while, I called in a favor from a guy I know since the days I was building PCs for money, a guy somewhere in the middle of the...
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    Coil Whine randomly started?

    As a silence-loving freak I am guilty of using epoxy to silence several devices. It really is tricky to find the offending component, also, it can cause thermal issues - consumer electronics are really built down to a price, and insulating a tiny capacitor or a coil with epoxy can cause it to...
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    Coil Whine randomly started?

    As for the paste, Y540 is kind of toasty and has very little thermal capacity, so don't expect miracles. Coil whine often starts after a certain time of using a device - days, months. Since it actually is caused by physical motion of components in high frequency circuits (i.e. coils in power...
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    NVIDIA's Mining Performance Cap On Unreleased ZOTAC RTX 3060 Shows Results

    First of all, a thank you to our corporate overlords for deciding for us how are we allowed to use devices we paid for. Next: a shovel can only be used to dig in sand. For soil digging you need the "SoilShovel" with "Soil+" package, for only 200% more money! Also, there is talk about this...
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    I have unautorised acces to my router/modem. i need help fast please !

    Well, you seem to have some botnets calling your horrible, horrible ONT with a list of default login/passwords left unchanged by many horrible, horrible ISPs. Change ACS password to something ridiculous, disable telnet for WAN if you can. Use this horrible thing as a bridge and get a proper...
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    NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060 Anti-Mining Feature Goes Beyond Driver Version, Could Expand to More SKUs

    Next month in news: Performance unlocking DLCs for your favorite games. It will be like the oscilloscope market: You buy an expensive scope which is software crippled to a fraction of it's performance and you have to pay a lot extra to unlock it. It kind of makes sense for a consumer market...