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    Intel to Launch Multiple Six-core CPUs on Coffee Lake Architecture, i5 Lineup

    what hell no if anything offices need high end cpus / loads of RAM for excel/number crunching
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    Delkin Devices Ships Fastest 64GB Secure Digital UHS-I Card in the World

    SDXC? There is a reason why sandisk didnt make a SDXC UHS1 card-incompatability with most DSLRs/camcorders today.
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    Crytek Makes Slurpy Eye-Candy out of Crysis 2 with DirectX 11 Update

    BOKEH! I was wondering when games would start having such DOF effects haha..
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    Matrox and Trenton Partner to Provide Integrated Hardware Systems for Video Walls

    You just posted "Can it run Crysis?". You should give yourself an infration for that :laugh: OH SHI- -shot-
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    Sony Announces PlayStation Vita, Revolutionary Portable Entertainment Device

    Considering the PSP was PS2-level in terms of hardware... what does this mean fro the PSV? I think this PSV will greatly overshadow the 3DS... its a true next gen piece of hardware. Xperia play looks stopgap in conparison. Isn't this technically a smartphone? Why is it only 299 euros for such...
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    Scythe Announces Improved USB Foot Switch II

    Music production; when you run out of buttons on your music equipment there is only one other way to add more buttons. Cept, I haven't been able to find any here in sydney....
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    Delkin Announces Elite 633 Series UHS-I Memory Card with 95 MB/s Read Speeds

    95MB/S read speeds are impressive alright... but whats way more important is the write speed. 35MB raws...
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    Gigabyte Officially Intros X58A-OC Motherboard

    awesome idea. I just hope they make a lower end version of this though.
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    GlacialTech launches Exciting V- Shield Series Igloo Laptop Cooling Pad

    Laptop coolers blow upwards?...
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    Spire Announces Juno Portable and Ergonomic Laptop Cooler

    I beg to differ, they actually do work. However the cheap generic alternatives usually are much better value.
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    Q4 PC Graphics Shipments in a Slump, Competitors Eat into Intel's Lead

    nothing is 'forced'; the reason why a lot of systems use intel IGPs is becuase its simply just cheaper to supply. You get what you pay for and I don't see how intel is in the wrong here... shifting customers away from its own products is not doing business. Mind you, the fact that you can do...
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    ASRock Third Largest Motherboard Vendor

    this is not surprising at all. Here in sydney, there are chains like MSY and IJK and I constantly see a stream of people walking out with asrock boards every time I visit them. They used to just fill the niches between upgrades and do it for a low price instead of trying to shuffle people...
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    Super Flower Intros First-to-Market 80 Plus Platinum Modular PSU

    :eek::eek::eek: :rockout: This is will be one cool running PSU
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    Antec Announces the One Hundred Gamer ATX-Mid Tower Chassis

    Looks good, but the black paint will make it much more expenisve than it needs to be.
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    Gigabyte Intros New Value Micro-ATX Case

    Put the PSU at the bottom of the case already! I've been waiting for so long and It amazes me how case manufacturers havent done that to MATX cases yet..